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Dormant Dancer Jack B in Hot Soup Over Staged Love Rumors

by Andrew Shyaka
3:09 pm

Jack B and her American Manager

Weakened dancer and singer Jack B real name Jacques Rugamba is in deep sorrows after being dumped by her manager and friend over rumors he initiated on 1st January 2019 at Wakanda club to tabloids that the two had become an item.

This comes after singer Jack B confessed to local tabloids that he is indeed in love with an American lady (in picture) after being spotted on several occasions having good times with her.

After the tabloids published the story, the white lady couldn’t believe and she was too angry to the extent she forced Jack B to delete every photo with her on social media and she even blocked him permanently.

Realizing what he did was back firing on him, the singer took to social media and apologized to the public crying that he has kids to take care, yet he doesn’t have a manager.

“Let me take this opportunity to tell my fans, Rwandan music lovers, showbiz journalists. I love you and you are the ones that made me whom I am today and it really gives me courage. I don’t have a wife, girlfriend though I did have one but now am single and I don’t have even a manager,” says Jack B.

The American lady, a lecturer at University of Rwanda, nursing faculty had given chance to Jack B to upgrade his music through helping him financially but the latter erased everything when he lied that the two are in love.

The dormant dancer and singer started dancing early 2000 with groups like Bad Boys and Good Guys but later carried on solo singing career. He recorded songs like Diaspora, Nkundira, Pause and Icyerekezo.

The day Dr Gisele Juru and Jack B said I do

Since then he has not moved an inch musically and showbiz fraternity termed his music career as stagnant or dormant. In fact, he doesn’t disappear on music scene nor grow musically like other artists he started with.

Jack B got married in 2014 with his longtime girlfriend Dr Gisele Juru and later divorced her claiming that she loves a bar more than their kids but later the truth came out that it was Jack B who was in wrong.