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Rwanda Reversing Legacy of Extreme Corruption and Division – Kagame

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
3:36 pm

Rwanda seeks to become a corruption free society

If different sectors of Rwanda are doing well regionally and worldwide, President Paul Kagame believes it is because of country’s resolve to get several things right from the beginning.

The President is attending the World Government Summit in Dubai – United  Arab Emirates city where he delivered a key note address on behalf of Rwanda – a guest country at the summit.

Kagame indicated three areas where Rwanda made tremendous achievements.

“First, was the understanding that leaders and institutions are in place to respond to the expectations of citizens,” Kagame said.

“This was complemented by a focus on civic participation and trust ensuring that everyone is included in shaping the country’s future.”

It was also coupled with bringing on board the marginalized people of the community – women most especially.

“Second, as a result of this social contract, the government has been able to simultaneously invest heavily in our human capital and also in ambitious infrastructure and technology for our future prosperity,” Kagame said.

“Although the means available do not always match the scale of our ambitions, we have done our best to get the most out of the resources we do have and find creative ways to fill the gaps.”

Thirdly, Kagame said that Rwanda transformed subsistence economy to creative entrepreneurial economy thus bringing on board the private sector to play its key role.

In the process, the government installed good governance principles to create a corruption free society.

“We are working to reverse a legacy of extreme corruption and division in our society that nearly completely destroyed our country,” Kagame said.

Rwanda, Not an island on earth

The outgoing chairperson of the African Union who handed over to Egyptian president last week, President Kagame further told participants estimated to 4000 heads of state and government, global CEOs among others, that Rwanda believes in the principle of integration.

Rwanda ratified the African Continental Free Trade Area, which is due to enter into force later this year and also adopted a Protocol on the Free Movement of People and agreed a Single African Air Transport Market.

The market has a potential of 2.5 billion by 2050, the largest compared to other continents.

“This means that African countries are now faced with unprecedented prospects for economic transformation and growth. The faster we can go, the better,” Kagame said.

First beneficiaries are the youth from Rwanda and across Africa who need vital networking at continental level.

“We have a responsibility to ensure that young Africans have a real stake in a bright future on their own continent. It is our responsibility to equip them with the skills to compete and succeed globally. This should be our primary focus and it is doable,” the president urged.

“If there is one lesson from Rwanda’s experience, it is optimism. If Rwanda can make it to this point, it means that there are no insurmountable challenges, provided that people work together towards a common goal.”