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Rwanda’s Vision 2020 Shinny District Offices

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:45 pm

Kayonza district office building

In the wake of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda, rebuilding was a priority such that every other building, be it private, government, a school needed a facelift.  In a number of cases, there was even, the urgency to provide extra offices in accordance with country vision.

Twenty-five years down the road, the country has now a lot to showcase in terms of offices.

As far as local government is concerned, districts started, sectors borrowed a leaf and currently, cells and villages are watching, thinking, copying from their elders.

The lens of our camera captured photos of the district offices before and after

You may, by looking at the pictures, agree that Rwanda is coming from very far or you may have a different opinion but it seems that the district offices are becoming a conducive environment where you sit and hope to deliver to the expectation.

Here are some pictures, and, you may choose the most convenient district office according to you.

1.Kayonza District

Kayonza district today

The building that hosts Kayonza district offices was completed in August 2017 at a tune of Rwf 750 million.

The beautiful front view Kayonza district

Kayonza district before

2. Rwamagana District

Rwamagana district is hosted in eastern provincial offices

Rwamagana district offices is a beauty married to comfort. The office has the capacity to host 140 staff and has a multipurpose hall with 300 seating capacity. The parking is one of the biggest in any upcountry compound: 100 cars can find place at Rwamagana district.

Rwamagana district before

3. Gatsibo District

Gatsibo district new offices

Gatsibo district new offices were completed at a tune of nine hundred millions in Rwandan francs.

4. Bugesera District

Bugesera now

This building was started in 2014 and completed at a cost of Rwf 1.5 billion.

Bugesera before

5. The Rwf 1 billion Kamonyi district offices

Kamonyi district today

Kamonyi district before

6. The Rwf 455 Milion Muhanga District 

Muhanga District today

Muhanga district before

7. The Rwf 1.1 billion Nyanza District 

Nyanza District current office

Nyanza district old office

8 Gisagara District  before and after

Gisagara district current

office of Gisagra district in the past


10 Ruhang District

The Rwf 601 million Ruhang district was completed in 2015 and ever since the building is home to 24 offices on top of a multipurpose room and an IT room.

Ruhango’s former office

11. Nyaruguru district

Nyaruguru before

12. The Rwf 788 million Nyamagabe District

13 The Rwf 1.5 billion Nyamasheke District

Nyamasheke before

14 The Rwf 800 million Nyabihu district

Nyabihu before

15 Rwf 750 million Rutsiro District

Former Rutsiro district office

16 Gasabo district office

The office under construction in Remera sector will be completed at a tune of Rwf 5.5 billion to become the most expensive district.

Gasabo district current office

17 The Rwf 725 million Kicukiro district

Kicukir district relocated from this building in 2018

18 Nyarugenge district

The district is under the Rwf 8.8 billion Kigali city hall

Nyarugenge once in this building












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