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Gisa Cyinganzo is My Best Vocalist Ever – Producer Clement

by Andrew Shyaka
10:39 am

Gisa Cyinganzo

Local audio producer and Kina Music boss Clement Ishimwe credits incarcerated vocalist Gisa Cyinganzo as the most talented vocalist and genius among all artists he has worked with for years.

Rwanda’s Kenny Edmonds as far as audio production is concerned has worked with several established musicians in the country and he hasn’t yet found someone who is super talented like Gisa Cyinganzo.

Recently while discussing music industry in general at KT Radio’s evening program dubbed #Dunda, Clement was asked the best artist he has ever worked with and he named Gisa without hesitating.

“I have worked directly or indirectly with almost all celebrated musicians in the country but I have never seen someone who is extremely talented musically like Gisa Cyinganzo, maybe in future I will meet one,” says producer Clement.

The producer urged upcoming and established artists to stay away from drugs because the use of drugs is one of the dangerous gun eliminating the country’s future talents.

“I feel pity and empty for him being in prison over the use of drugs and petty theft of small things like phones, the facts that sunk his music career overnight,” he added.

Producer Clement has produced big names in music industry like Tom Close, Knowless Butera, Dream Boyz, Charly na Nina, Christopher, King James, Riderman, Bruce Melody and many more.

Gisa Cyinganzo was introduced on music scene in 2010 and established artists started fighting to win him for a collabo because of his stronger vocals, it was a good start for him but little did he know that the vice killing the industry ‘Drugs’ was waiting for him meters away.

After gaining quick fame from songs like Ikosora featuring rapper Jay Polly, Gisa started taking narcotics which made him a customary guest in prison cells.

In 2017 Gisa Cyinganzo ran out of luck and was again caught red-handed with a stolen phone and high on drugs which landed him in jail for over two years sentence and he is still serving as well as singing for his fellow inmates.

Gisa boosts of songs like Genda Ubabwire, Isengesho, Ndamurembuza and many more featuring fellow artists like Diplomate, Kida Gaju and Social Mula.