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Safi Reignites Beef with Kid Gaju

by Andrew Shyaka
11:52 am

Safi Madiba

Former Urban Boy’s lead singer Safi Madiba real name Niyibikora advises fellow singer Kid Gaju to stop tarnishing him and instead focus on putting his life on line again.

This comes following several accusations made by Kid Gaju in local tabloids blaming the once close friend Safi for extortion and dumping him after his gains.

After being pushed on the wall for several times, finally Safi had to clear the air on the allegations.

“I was approached by Gaju’s sisters to work with him on a song which I did and moved on with my personal business but I wonder which drugs he takes that keeps him busy tarnishing my name,” says Safi.

The Mambata hit maker added, “Gaju claims I owe him money but clearly that’s a blame game because am far stable financially than him and we have spent 4 years without communicating”

The once inseparable friends parted ways in 2015 on Gaju’s album launch when Safi refused to join him on stage despite calling him several times on stage when the fellow was sitting in audience just playing with his smart phone.

Before becoming nemesis both singers worked on several projects like Mama bebe remix, It’s okay and even managed to appear together in a song recorded by All stars dubbed Private Party.

Safi Madiba who went solo from Urban Boys is currently doing great musically with several hits like Good morning, Nisamehe, My hero and new audio dubbed Kontwari.

Kid Gaju who took a pause off music for two years came back and started releasing songs like Aho and Akanyuma, Ngwino and Nzirikana.