That Chat May Cost You Life

It’s a girl, get a pink dress.

Motorcycle taxis are a common, and popular mode of public transport in many African countries. Unlike anywhere else, Rwanda’s motorcycle taxis are well regulated, with strict safety standards, including the wearing of helmets, enforced. A new threat to passengers’ safety however, seems to be emerging, a habit that is being normalised by the passengers themselves. It is rare to a passenger who isn’t completely engrossed with their mobile smart phone. One might be forgiven for thinking that as well as a helmet, rather than hold to the the motorcycle to steady themselves, it’s a legal requirement to use both hands to surf the net, and check social media.

And judging from their obvious enjoyment of whatever it is they are watching, or their chats, rather than responding to important urgent messages, it seems almost all these passengers are addicted to the so called so called “FOMO” (fear of missing out). We spent a few hours around the city, and below we suggest what some of these conversations might entail.

Guess what? I am on a motorcycle, and the rider is my namesake, and we seem to have similar taste in fashion.

Still hasn’t returned my call…

How about a quick catch at our favourite cafe?

Noooo, really, did she really say that?!?
How much was this jerrycan again? Did she give me my change?

Am glad you had a nice time darling…you can’t believe this cat on the internet, let send it to you..
I would love to join you for a drink, but, that man has yet to pay me, drinks will have to be on you.

Wait, wait, we may need to turn around…my friend has changed her mind…

Who has moved to the top of the premiere league? Let me check…

With you in a mini moment darling…
Did you give her milk? I want to first pass by the market


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