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Gasabo District Provides Free Transportation for Sick Residents

by Williams Buningwire
6:55 pm

Gasabo authority has directed Executive Secretaries of all sectors in the district to avail a car dedicated to transport of expectant mothers and patients with medical appointments to and from hospital. 

The instruction directing all the fifteen (15) ES to use that option comes to help the citizens under the COVID-19 lockdown, some of whom may not afford a taxi cab, the only allowed on road for public use.

“To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and movement of people in Kigali City, we would like to request you to avail a car for transporting patients with medical appointments to/ from hospital,” part of the communiqué reads.

Gasabo district has 15 sectors each sector has a patrol car used for security and cleanness purposes. It is also used to transport community health workers.

The sector executive secretaries who talked to KT Press said that when they saw that instruction, they did not look around, but they found their pick up double cabin as fit for the service.

They were purchased courtesy of funds that, in most cases were raised by the community to own their security and hygiene operations. Every sector has one. Others were awarded to some sectors for keeping Kigali clean. 

“To keep social distance only four people will be accepted onboard. We shall definitely ensure their safety in this difficult period,” Alexis Segatashya ES of  Gikomero sector said.

“To prevent spreading of COVID-19, the driver will always carry with him face masks and hand sanitizers. Before boarding, anybody will be tested to check COVID-19 signs.”

Moreover, village leaders are required to make a list of patients for logistic arrangements and schedules. 

As of April 28 update, in Rwanda, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 stands at 212 cases, and 95 recoveries. Active cases have increased to 117.

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