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Let’s Use Our Voice to Halt Covid-19 – Safi to Fellow Artists 

by Andrew Shyaka
6:25 pm

Safi Madiba with Scrunji

Vocalist Safi Niyibikora alias Madiba urged fellow musicians to use their voice and status to create awareness against covid19 pandemic.

The You Got It singer made his call yesterday while premiering his brand new video dubbed I Love You. 

“As artists, we should use our voice to raise awareness against corona among our followers through social media platforms and music,” Safi told KT Press.

Before the lockdown kicked off, Safi had already traveled to Canada to reunite with his wife Judith Niyonizera

The “My Hero” hitmaker had concerts in Canada and USA respectively but all the shows were put on hold due to the Corona pandemic.

However, the singer opted to use the quarantine time to work on new music projects. His latest video I Love You features Scrunji, a well-established Somali model based in Canada.

Safi parted ways with Urban Boys in 2017, citing the need to pursue his solo career and he married in the same year a Rwandan-Canadian Judith Niyonizera.

The sensational music star boasts songs like Igifunguzo, My hero, Good morning, Kontwari and many more featuring local and regional musicians like Harmonize.