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Barafinda Sekikubo Readmitted in Ndera

by Edmund Kagire
1:38 pm

Self-styled politician Barafinda is back in Ndera.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has confirmed to KT Press that self-proclaimed ‘politician’, Fred Sekikubo Barafinda has been re-admitted at Ndera Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, following signs of a mental breakdown he has been experiencing over the past few days. Barafinda was last year summoned for questioning over suspected crimes.

The investigative body later requested the psychiatry hospital to perform an assessment of his mental state and doctors confirmed that he indeed had a mental condition which could be connected to his actions.

RIB Spokesperson, Dr. Thierry B. Murangira told KT Press on Tuesday that Medical Doctors had advised that Barafinda, who was first admitted in February 2020 and discharged in July the same year, should be brought back in case of any recurring incidents of his situation for medical follow up.

Barafinda, who sought to contest for Presidency in 2017, became known for a series of comical antics on YouTube in a series of interviews but increasingly exhibiting signs of mental instability, prompting RIB to summon and interrogate him over his utterances, some of which bordered on criminality.

Later, the investigative body suspected that he had a mental condition, due to his uncoordinated and incoherent responses, leading to a request to have him admitted for cross examination.

He was admitted upon confirmation by Doctors at CARAES Ndera that he had a mental condition.

Upon being discharged 6 months later, a rehabilitated and healthy-looking Barafinda went into a hiatus from public appearances, but later resumed giving incoherent interviews to Youtubers.

Barafinda was discharged looking healthy and neat as opposed to his old disheveled look

The RIB Spokesperson confirmed to KT Press that the latest request to admit Barafinda followed a series of utterances that increasingly pointed to his recurring condition.

In one of his latest posts, Barafinda claims that the President of the Republic is not alive and that a certain comedian who used to mimic President Paul Kagame, is the one who moves around purporting to be the Head of State.

Barafinda goes on to call for an international investigation into the matter, which would include examining the two individuals and then come up with a declaration to end the confusion among Rwandans, as to whether the head of state is alive or not.

In his Christmas and New Year message, Barafinda, who purports to be leading efforts to create a United States of Africa (USA II) by merging all African countries, claims that Rwandans need to know if they are not being led by someone impersonating President Kagame.

RIB says Barafinda should continue receiving care.

Briefcase-wielding Barafinda aspires to be the President of USA II

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