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New Envoys Commit to Bolster Bilateral Relations with Rwanda

by Daniel Sabiiti
4:31 pm

From left to right, envoys of Namibia, Jamaica, Brasil, Chad, Philippines

President Paul Kagame this Monday, April 25 received the credentials of five new envoys accredited to Rwanda, as part of the country’s plans to further build on existing bilateral relations with other countries.

During a ceremony held at Village Urugwiro on Monday, April 25, Kagame received letters of credence from five new envoys- from Jamaica, Brazil, the Philippines, Chad and Namibia.

The above countries will be represented by ambassadors designated to Rwanda.

These are Esmond St. Clair Reid, Jamaica’s High Commissioner-designate to Rwanda with residence in Abuja and Silvio José Albuquerque e Silva of Brazil with residence in Nairobi.

There are also Sommel Yabao Mbaidickoye of Chad with residence in Brazzaville, Lebbius Tangeni Tobias of Namibia with  residence in Dar-es-Salam, and Marie Charlotte G. Tang of the Philippines with residence in Nairobi.

Esmond St. Clair Reid, Jamaica’s High Commissioner to Rwanda

The Jamaican envoy’s reception to Rwanda follows President Kagame holding a State Visit to Jamaica from 13th to 15th April 2022 at the invitation of the Most Honourable Andrew Holness, the Prime Minister of Jamaica, and subsequent siging of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Tourism Development and Promotion

President Kagame and Prime Minister Holness discussed matters of mutual interest, including an exchange of perspectives on the current political, economic and social situations in their countries, as well as opportunities for strengthened cooperation.

Besides the need to improve direct cooperation between Rwanda and Jamaica based on historical ties, President Kagame said that there should be a direct people-to-people exchange, particularly for the youth and entrepreneurs especially since Rwanda already has several Jamaican professionals making significant contributions to Rwanda’s development.”

The Head of State also highlighted key potential areas of cooperation and exchange, stating trade and investment, as well as national unity and citizen development.

“Let’s exchange with each other directly and thereby, honor the history that joins us and make it a potent force of practical cooperation in the modern world,” he emphasized.

Ambassador of Chad to Rwanda Sommel Yabao Mbaidickoye

Esmond St. Clair Reid, Jamaica’s High Commissioner-designate to Rwanda among other envoys reiterated their commitment to further strengthen their respective countries’ cooperation with Rwanda, with emphasis on economic and political ties.

Reid said that representing his country in Rwanda serves as a testament to the long-lasting relationship between the two countries and a basis to strengthen it.

Both Rwanda and Jamaica are members of the Commonwealth and the Organisation of African, Caribbean, and Pacific.

Silvio José Albuquerque e Silva of Brazil

For Brazil, which has a long-standing relationship with Rwanda in the agriculture and aviation sectors, there was a call for touching into other sectors.

Ambassador Albuquerque e Silva of Brazil said that the relationship between the two countries is practical and it needs to go to greater levels of commercial and economic partnership.

Silva He listed the agricultural, industrial, and infrastructure sectors as priorities for advanced economic relations between both countries.

Lebbius Tangeni Tobias, Namibia’s high commissioner to Rwanda

For Namibia, the southern African nation with 2.5million, rich in mineral resources and wildlife, Rwanda enjoys bilateral cooperation in the areas of security and building Police forces and also signed General Cooperation Agreement for further cooperation between the two nations in the areas of Trade and Investment, Mining, Air Service, Agriculture, Health, Tourism, Infrastructure, Energy, ICT, Environment, Culture and Education among others.

Namibia’s envoy, Tobias, said his priority will be focused on building ties in agriculture development through borrowing from Rwanda’s tea and coffee success story but also knowledge exchange.

Ambassador Mbaidickoye of Chad said that he intends to contribute to the development and strengthening of the brotherly relationship between both countries.

Ambassador Marie Charlotte G. Tang of the Philippines

Ambassador Marie Charlotte G. Tang of the Philippines also said that she will focus on improving business relations by investing in Rwanda- counting on the existing 60 Filipinos who are doing business in Rwanda ways of engaging

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