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Irembo Platform Commits to Increase Access to Government Services

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:34 pm

Israel Bimpe, the Irembo CEO

The Irembo Platform has revealed new plans of improving access to online government services, following shortfalls in providing reliable services as indicated in the Auditor General’s report for the fiscal year 2022/2023.

The AG’s report showed that the company didn’t have full access to the data on platform as a result of not fulfilling some of the terms of agreements with the service provider “CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd” who also in turn limited Irembo’s access to the system (Irembo 1.0) which has since been upgraded to Irembo 2.0.

In January 2014, Irembo Ltd awarded the contract to “CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd” (sub-contract) to install the Irembo system to provide Government services in the field of design, finance, procure, build, operate, maintain, and transfer the platform that provides the e-government services).

In 2018, through a mutual agreement, both parties terminated the contract but Irembo Ltd agreed to pay “Crimson Logic Ltd” $11,310,356 in 4 phases, and “CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd” also agreed to provide training on the use of the system, and work and the transfer of all information related to the system within 15 days after the payment of the last installment of the outstanding amount.

Israel Bimpe, CEO of Irembo Ltd, said that there are plans to pay the remaining balance owed to CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd by November 2023, to get full access but also the company is now a new shareholder to the platform.

However, the AG’s audit in February found that Irembo had not paid a balance of $5, 069,731 and caused “CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd” not to send Irembo Ltd what it had to including “data, source codes of IremboGov1.0, and associated documents”.

Bimpe, assured that the lack of visibility on IremboGov 1.0 data,  does not affect the experience of the citizens.

During a PAC hearing on September 12, 2023, it was revealed that many civil servants do not provide Irembo services to the public and their payments to the platform are not reimbursed.

For instance, an inspection carried out in different sectors revealed that there are about 2,568 employees who requested and paid an amount of Rwf 4,044,611 for various government services through the Irembo system from January to September 2022, but the sector (civil registration officers) did not provide the services requested and neither refunded the amount paid.

On improving online services, Bimpe said that there was a shortage of trained staff in the beginning however this has been resolved and there is a new process of testing volume and performance for all services before they go online to reduce redundancy of services.

He said they have been training civil servants to improve usage of the platform. Moreover, they have made reimbursement automatic if someone pays twice.

Meanwhile Irembo CEO said that through the “Byikorere” campaign (Do it yourself) they are planning to increase access to Irembo  services by having two focal youth volunteers in at least every two cells.

The campaign intends to increase citizen’s digital confidence to self-apply for government services. He also revealed that the platform plans to introduce the USSD services to increase access and user friendliness for applicants who don’t own smartphones.


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