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EdTech Monday: April Episode To Discuss Furthering Public, Private Partnership

by Williams Buningwire
3:42 pm

Cyprien Bunani, a guest

This Monday, the EdTech program will discuss how further public and private companies can partner to enhance sustainable initiatives.

EdTech Monday is a collaboration between the Mastercard Foundation Centre for Innovative Teaching and Learning in ICT and the Rwanda ICT Chamber. The program’s goal is to promote technology as a tool for boosting education and learning.

As usual, the EdTech show will air live on both KT Radio and Kigali Today YouTube Channel this April 29, from 6PM to 7PM, with the theme “Enhancing public-private partnerships for sustainable EdTech initiatives.”

“Despite the strides made, several challenges persist, warranting a concerted effort to enhance public-private partnerships in EdTech for sustained impact. One such challenge is the need for greater alignment between initiatives and the specific needs of the Rwandan education system,” the program guide from Mastercard Foundation reads.

Two panelists are expected to participate in the show and those are Cyprien Bunani, Chief Executive Officer of Education Development Consult, and Yves Himbaza, Co-founder of TWIS company Rwanda.

Yves Himbaza, a guest

Ines Nyinawumuntu will moderate the discussion, posing numerous topics about how private and public companies can partner to enhance sustainable EdTech initiatives in the country.

The topics will include key successes attributed to the collaborations between private and public collaborations for the past years and how EdTech initiatives, like One Laptop Per Child program addressed the specific educational challenges faced by Rwanda, particularly in rural and undeserved communities.

Other topics will be strategies employed to ensure that EdTech initiatives in Rwanda are aligned with the country’s educational objectives and responsive to the needs of local communities.

They will also discuss how infrastructure and connectivity challenges impacted the scalability and effectiveness of EdTech interventions in Rwanda, and what steps are being taken to address the barriers, among others.

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