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Kagame Writing An Inspirational Book

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:16 am
Kagame Writing An Inspirational Book

President kagame in a group photo with Disapora students during the national Itorero in Gatsibo in Eastern province.

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has said he needs to retire soon and work on his intellectual properties to inspire the current and next generation.

“It is true, I have started writing a book and I have achieved 50% of it,” he said “That’s why I need to retire soon to work on it.”

Kagame promised he will soon publish the book.

The president was Saturday responding to a question from a student who asked whether he is considering putting his smart knowledge to the world through books.

In 2017, President Kagame will have completed 2 constitutional terms in office, but about 4 million Rwandans petitioned the parliament to amend the constitution and allow him to run again and again.

They said he is the president who helped his country recover from ashes after the Genocide against Tutsi in 1994, to the current steady development with 11% GDP growth.

Following these petitions, legislators have been conducting consultations among the community, who insisted they need Kagame and only him.

Cows, crops of the country and simulations of traditional wedding were presented to the MPs aimed at convincing them that what he has achieved speaks volumes.

The head of State presided over the closing of national Itorero in Gatsibo in Eastern province where 183 youth from Diaspora have been acquiring knowledge on patriotism, Rwandan history, civic education and their potential contribution to country development.

The youth told him that not only Rwanda, but the entire Africa need to learn from him.

“You inspire us, you inspire Africa. When we mention our country abroad, they quickly refer to you (Kagame) and respect us,” said Muhamad Niyigena a student from Madina in Saudi Arabia.

President Kagame who took the youth through what it takes for a country to develop reminded them of their responsibility to focus on their studies. He discouraged them against vices that would prevent them from achieving big, like drugs.

“Turn your back to what is harmful and will be of no use to you,” he said. “Be selective. Seek the kind of knowledge that builds who you are and your nation,” he said.

President Kagame is known for pertinent arguments during international conferences, and a leader who walks the talk, back home.

Kagame Writing An Inspirational Book

President Kagame addresses Rwandan youth at the national Itorero in Gatsibo in Eastern province.