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More Cement In Rwanda At Give Away Prices

by Dan Ngabonziza
9:25 pm
Prime Minister Anastas Murekezi launched the multi-million dollar facility in western Rwanda

Prime Minister Anastas Murekezi launched the multi-million dollar facility in western Rwanda

South African-owned CIMERWA, Rwanda’s sole cement producer has introduced new 32.5-quality blue bagged cement and announced its promotional prices.

On August 17, the Prime Minister Anastas Murekezi officially launched the new $140 million CIMERWA plant in Rusizi, western Rwanda, which will increase the firm’s capacity from the current 100,000 to 600,000 metric tons per year.

Maria Busisiwe, the $250 million company CEO, told KT Press that the new expanded plant gives Rwanda a huge boost to satisfy the market. The firm is majority controlled by South Africa’s Pretoria Portland Cement Company (PPC Cement).

Effective Thursday, August 19, cement dealers will enjoy a promotion discount at Rwf7300 including VAT down from Rwf8500, factory price.

This excludes Rwf1200 for transporting a single bag from the plant.

In addition, Busisiwe said, “Every customer that collects 700 bags of our blue bag from Bugarama factory will benefit from our limited offer of 30,000 tons of cement.”

The promotion will last until September 30, but there is guaranteed supply of more cement on the market.

“This is a limited offer to show appreciation to Rwandans for being loyal to the brand over all the years,” said Busisiwe.

Cement dealers, however, still have doubt over what they call ‘Cimerwa’s inconsistence’ in service delivery, despite the plant’s new product.

“We need to be assured that service delivery won’t be the same again…we have been making orders and spend up to three months without delivery,” Pierre Celestin Twagirayezu, a cement dealer told KT Press.

However, Cimerwa’s commercial Manager, Sam Kasule, met with dealers in Kigali on August 18 and gave them his word.

“From today, an order will be made and we deliver instantly. Issues of delay won’t happen again,” he said.

Meanwhile, the factory’s expansion investment will largely serve the bigger and increasing Kigali market, which is already co-shared by regional cement giants including Uganda’s Hima cement and Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro cement.

Prime Minister Murekezi said the factory’s expansion will help cut construction costs and also slice importation of cement to boost the country’s economy.