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Second Girl In Abortion Saga Also Dies

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:05 pm
Second Girl In Abortion Saga Also Dies

The clinic where the first girl died

The second girl that had survived an illegal abortion reported yesterday has also died.

KT Press has learnt she already had a three-months old baby boy.

It all started on Tuesday at Ryabega village in Nyagatare sector. A woman heard a girl screaming loud as though she was in serious pain.

The woman hurried out of her house and walked towards the direction of the noise and it was at her neighbour’s  house, where the two girls stayed.

She pushed the door to offer any form of help. Once inside, she noticed there was her daughter, Shallon Musabyimana 21, in a critical condition together with Claudine Nyirambonizanye 20, a neighbour that was screaming in agony.

Musabyimana told her mother that her elder sister Regina Nyirandikubwimana 23, a single mother of three children was responsible.

“My elder sister has been giving us traditional medicine for our stomach since Saturday. She has just abandoned us after realizing the medicine worsened our situation.”

The two ailing girl’s were rushed to a nearby clinic (Rakai Health Care) in Nyagatare as the search of her elder daughter who had administered wrong concoctions continued.

Once at Rakai Health Care towards 1:00am, the owner Deogratius Ngarambe (a.k.a Rukanika) and his guard received them and realized it was an issue of a failed abortion.

He prescribed a serum and left them hospitalized at 3am.

Two hours later, he was called back to the health center only to be told one of the patients, Nyirambonizanye had died.

He had to refer the other patient, Musabyimana to Nyagatare hospital, where she died this morning.

Residents of Ryabega village say the deceased girl had a child with another man who later rented for her a house she has been living in. When she recently got pregnant, residents say she was heard saying that would terminate the second pregnancy because her son was still young.

Meanwhile, Inspector of Police (IP) Emmanuel Kayigi, the Police Spokesperson in Eastern Province confirmed the arrest of Nyirandikubwimana who prescribed the herbs.

Ngarambe, the owner of Rakai health center and his guard were also arrested.

They are all held at Nyagatare police station as investigation goes on.