Rwanda Government to Treat Teenage Boy With Rare Disease

Tuyisenge Emile developed this complication five months after birth
Tuyisenge Emile developed this complication five months after birth

A Rwandan boy who urgently needs specialised treatment to fix an over grown tongue and mouth is lucky after government announced it will handle his case.

On Wednesday, Kigali Today published a story telling the painful life Tuyisenge Emile16 has endured for more than a decade.

“We have told the parents to come back to seek treatment. Doctors wait for him,” Dr. Agnes Binagwaho Rwanda’s Minister of Health said in a tweet responding to  Manirakiza Théogène that had earlier shared Kigali Today Story and a message ; “Plz your support is needed! We thank you for the intervention”.

Tuyisenge was born to Gatabazi Jean Claude in remote village of Gasarabwayi, Musaza sector in Kirehe district.

His mother Ahobantegeye Groriose says her son was born a normal child but developed a rare disease five months after birth.

“When my son was five months old, he developed a small pimple on his mouth. We thought it was minor but two years later the pimple had overgrown and we decided to take him to Gahini hospital, Kayonza district in Eastern Rwanda,” Ahobantegeye narrated.

Gahini Hospital referred the boy to CHUK -a University teaching hospital in Kigali. Until 2009, there was no breakthrough and were advised to take the boy to south Africa for specialised treatment.

However, his parents couldn’t raise the funds and decided to return home and life continued.

“Up to now we have no money but the boy’s situation is worsening. If only we can get a good Samaritan we would be happy,” Gatabazi appealed for help.

When Tuyisenge’s story was published, it drew massive attention on social media and several readers expressed sympathy to the teenage boy.

Dr. Simon Mbarushimana, among the readers was willing to help with treatment for Tuyisenge.

“I have a team of specialists coming to Rwanda in summer 2017, they have already looked at the pictures and are discussing treatment plan for him,” Dr. Mbarushimana said in a short note.

Gatabazi holds his son Tuyisenge
Gatabazi holds his son Tuyisenge

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