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U.S Deports Genocide Academic Munyakazi

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Leopold Munyakazi

Leopold Munyakazi

Leopold Munyakazi, a Genocide fugitive is expected to land at Kigali international airport any time on Wednesday following his deportation from the United States of America.

He has been held at Alabama prison after he lost an immigration case in the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Faustin Nkusi the spokesperson of National Public Prosecution Authority told KT Press, “Once everything is ready you will be informed.”

Nkusi further said, “the deportation decision has been there since 2015 but his arrival will be communicated as soon as we get a confirmation.”

Separate sources have confirmed to KT Press that Munyakazi will arrive in Kigali on Wednesday. The exact time will depend on when the direct flight leaves the U.S.

The government of Rwanda issued two arrest warrants against Munyakazi both in 2006 and 2008.

Munyakazi 65, is alleged to have played a major role in planning, mobilizing and execution of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi that claimed over a million lives.

He was part of a group of intellectuals at the University where he openly designed and disseminated ideologies supporting the exclusion of Tutsi in schools and employment.

It is also said that Munyakazi allegedly collaborated with Laurien Uwizeyimana, Maniragaba Balibutsa and Ferdinand Nahimana, to publish a demonizing message against Tutsi and supported violation of their right to education and employment.

In an article published by a francophone magazine, Dialogue No. 146 of May-June 1991, Munyakazi argued that 90% of Tutsi be excluded from schools and jobs.

Witnesses in Rwanda testify having seen him in direct involvement into the genocide.

The suspect cooperated with the then bourgmestre (mayor) Jean Mbarubukeye to mobilise mass killings in Kayenzi town, now in Muhanga District.

Munyakazi arrived in US in 2004 and sought asylum but embraced genocide denial campaigns with speeches calling the Genocide a fratricide, or just an accidentally killing of one’s brother.

In the meantime, he was a French teacher at University of Delaware and MontClair respectively.

Munyakazi holds a PhD in linguistics and further advanced degrees in French and African linguistics.