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RwandAir’s Airbus 330-200 Finally Lands in Kigali

by Leonard Nshimiyimana
10:13 am

John Mirenge RwandAir CEO(2nd right) and Rwanda’s Ambassador to France Jacques Kabale appreciate the new airbus

Rwanda’s national carrier RwandAir, has finally acquired Airbus 330-200 to expand its flights across Africa, Asia and Europe.

According to Rwanda Civil Aviation officials, the aircraft named “Ubumwe” with a capacity of 244 seats ranging from 20 business class, 21 premium and 203 economy class, left France’s Toulouse city around midnight local time.

With 38 passengers on board, the Aircraft will land at Kigali International Airport at exactly 11 a.m. local time- bringing the RwandAir’s total fleet to nine.

John Mirenge, Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir, “the aircraft is the first of its kind in East Africa and will help boost RwandAir’s capacity to expand its wings globally.”

He added that the airline has been growing at an average of 20 percent in the last six years.

RwandAir is the fastest growing airline on the continent serving 17 destinations; Accra, Addis Ababa (via Ethiopian Airlines), Brazzaville, Bujumbura, Douala, Entebbe, Johannesburg, Kamembe, Kilimanjaro, Lagos, Libreville, Lusaka, Mombasa, Mwanza, Nairobi and Yaounde.

Speaking to journalists at inaugural ceremonies in Toulouse, France, Mirenge announced that the plane will be deployed to other destinations including India. “We will soon add Harare, Zimbabwe and Mumbai, India on our list of destinations before expanding to Western Europe.”

RwandAir ordered two aircrafts in 2014. The delivered brand new airbus 330-200 worth nearly $250 million was ordered alongside another Airbus 330-300 which will be delivered in few months to come.

Airbus 330-200 on arrival at Kigali International Airport

Airbus 330-200 on arrival at Kigali International Airport