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Rwanda Ready for Worlds Biggest Healthcare Students Conference

by KT Press Staff Writer
6:32 pm


Rwandans and many Africans are excited about the forthcoming 7th World Healthcare Students Symposium (WHSS) that will be hosted in Kigali in November 2017.

Social media enthusiasts in Rwanda have already established a hash tag #WHSSKigali17 and a twitter handle @WHSS2017 with a growing number of tweets and followers. Back and forth discussions on the symposium are gaining momentum.

“Had not been this excited in a very long time. Still hard to believe @WHSS2017 is coming to Rwanda. #WHSSKigali17,” twitted Richard Bishumba a Rwandan blogger.

The previous symposium (6th WHSS) was held in 2015 in Skopje, Macedonia-Next year, the symposium in Kigali will be the second time Africa hosts it.

World Healthcare Students Symposium is the biggest international event for healthcare students drawn from faculties of; medicine, pharmacy, nursing, chiropractic, dentistry, veterinary and other healthcare professions spending 5 days together in a congress from all around the world.

The symposium is organised after every two years and supported by 8 world student healthcare associations.This year, Israel Bimpe a Rwandan was appointed as President of International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation.

According to Rwanda Pharmaceutical Students’ Association, the symposium is expected to attract over 1000 youth from across the globe expected to listen to inspirations during the conference.

“We couldn’t be more proud, another year of success Rwanda excelling in every field,” Claude Mutabazi a local Pharmacist said.

Rwanda has made significant gains in its healthcare system in the last decade making it among the most dramatic the world has seen in the last 50 years.

More than 90% (June 2016) of Rwandans have health insurance and life expectancy has raised to 66.7 years-One key reason that Rwandans are so much healthier today is the spread of health insurance.

Of all countries in Africa Rwanda is probably getting the closest to having health for all, health access for all.

The landlocked country with 11 million people has invested heavily in the health sector, and focused on reducing mortality rates at a lowest figure possible.

Last week Rwanda launched the use of drones which will be saving lives by delivering emergency medical supplies to remotest districts. The country will have more to share at the 7th World Healthcare Students Symposium.