Kagame Pays Tribute to Security Forces

A Rwanda Defence Forces Physician interacts with a Resident in Gicumbi: The Army is currently offering free medical services under the ArmyMedicalWeek.
A Rwanda Defence Forces Physician interacts with a Resident in Gicumbi: The Army usually offers free medical services under the ArmyMedicalWeek.

His Excellency President Paul Kagame’s Christmas and New Year Message to all security Forces

“On behalf of the Government of Rwanda, my family and my own behalf,  I want to take this moment to wish all men and women of the Rwanda Defence and Security Forces and their families, a happy Christmas and prosperous New Year 2017.

I want to commend you all for having, once again, successfully achieved your core duty to effectively defend the people and territory of Rwanda, throughout the ending year. Your actions and posture have contributed significantly to providing the most important service to our Nation: a stable and peaceful environment, upon which all other aspects of Rwanda socio-economic development depend on.

Throughout 2016, you have continued to deserve the full trust of the people of Rwanda. Nothing is more important…

At the same time, your selfless service and professionalism have contributed to improving the difficult conditions various communities continue to face, in different parts of our continent. Slowly but surely, you have helped to restore hope where and when it was needed the most…

Officers, men and women –

As we approach a new year of committed service to the people of Rwanda, we have an opportunity to pause and to reflect on the challenges and achievements we have experienced throughout the year, as well as the corresponding prospects for further improvement.

The trends we observe at the regional and global levels, and the lessons we learned from our past, serve to remind us that the Rwanda Defence and Security Forces should remain as focused, vigilant and determined as ever. The call for duty may happen at any time, and you should always be poised to respond decisively, at home or abroad, for the sake of peace and stability.

By remaining true to the Rwanda Defence and Security Forces’ core virtues of discipline, patriotism, professionalism and bravery, I have no doubt that you will continue to succeed in your mission. Always remember that an entire nation trusts and looks up to you as the men and women who have pledged to defend and protect them under the uniform.

In your individual New Year resolutions, remember to direct part of your thoughts and efforts at what else you can do to improve this country.

I wish you all and your families, a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

May God bless you all.”

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