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Funding to Reveal Cancer Secret Launched

4:02 pm

Karen Bugingo (on banner) a cancer survivor aims at raising Rwf3.4m to publish her book about living with cancer

Cancer patients in Rwanda can now count on getting inspiration stories on how to survive, thanks to the community drive to contribute to the first cancer book publication “My Name Means Life” slated for July.

A book publication fundraiser organized by Karen Bugingo, a cancer survivor, has managed to raise over Rwf600, 000 and more pledges have been made to solicit the targeted Rwf3.4million need for the publication.

Bugingo said the community is reacting positively towards the cause and showed a lot of willingness to have this book published.

“This book means a lot to me, bringing this project to life makes me remember that I didn’t suffer in vain but rather to help others not suffer as I did,” Bugingo said.

The book by the young writer will be published locally by ‘Imagine We Publishers’, a Rwandan publishing house located in Kacyiru, Kigali.

Bugingo’s book project and her life story have raised a lot of social media attention and awareness among Rwandans living in and out of the country, with some pledging to support her cause.

“You can count on my support,” said Charles Kanamugire, the Managing Director of Kigali Today Limited.

Aline Cyusa Kabagire, a Rwanda living in diaspora who has been behind social media initiatives to support Bugingo’s cause said she will keep it up.

“I am one of the founders of Dreamers of Hope. I love helping and supporting fellow Rwandans as much as I can,” she said.

Once the book is published, Bugingo is setting her eyes on becoming a cancer activist, mobiliser and public speaker as a way of pushing for her cause of saving others from cancer through her experience.

“I plan to raise cancer awareness through media and presenting about the issue of cancer. Working with different NGO’s whose goal is to fight cancer especially among children,” Bugingo told KTPress.

Karen Bugingo was diagnosed with severe lymphoma (Cancer) in her blood five years ago at just 19 years of age.

Her first book on how she spiritually and mentally battled with cancer, besides medication is expected to inspire many to face the deadly disease but also become an opening to her persuit of a writing career.

Bugingo’s cause will be an added effort to the existing community based initiatives by Rwanda Children’s Cancer Relief (RCCR) who are also planning to fundraise in February to collect about Rwf60 million to support 350 cases registered since its establishment in 2012.

The most common cancers affecting children in Rwanda are Wilm’s Tumor, Leukemia and Lymphomas. Cervical cancer and breast cancer are among the most common diseases affecting women today. All these can be treated if diagnosed early.