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AS Kigali Star Nshuti Returns to Action in December after Surgery

by Bonnie Mugabe
10:48 am

Savio Nshuti Dominique in training with AS Kigali

Amavubi and AS Kigali prolific forward Savio Nshuti Dominique that recently underwent a recurrent shoulder dislocation surgery will return to action in December.

According to Joseph Nshimiye the AS Kigali club Secretary General, a fortnight ago, Nshuti underwent surgery at King Faisal Hospital.

There was a strong feeling that an operation was the best course of action, given the potential for recurring dislocations he suffered both on club and national team assignments and trainings in recent years.

Nshuti is set to start rehabilitation and Kinetherapy mid this week and is expected to return back to full action for his club after two months.

Nshimiye told KT Sports on Monday, “Nshuti underwent a successful surgery on his shoulder mid this month and he has been undergoing recovery. He is beginning kinetherapy this week and expect him to return to fitness and play for us again after two months, that’s in December if all goes well according to medical reports,”

Nshuti, a left footed winger has been instrumental in AS Kigali following his multi-million transfer from Rayon Sports at the start of the on-going Azam Rwanda Premier League.

He featured for AS Kigali during the Rubavu Intsinzi celebrations held in Rubavu and considering the recurrent shoulder dislocation, the club decided to have him operated so as resolve the issue for good.

Without Nshuti, AS Kigali had a bad start to the 2017/18 Azam Rwanda Premier League as they currently sit in sixth slot with four points in three matches played this season.

Coach Eric Nshimiyimana’s led side drew 1-1 against defending champions Rayon Sports, edged Miroplast Fc 3-0 before succumbing to APR Fc 2-1 in their latest match played last Friday.

What is a dislocated shoulder?

The shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint prone to instability, and it poses a particular concern for Nshuti according to National Team physiotherapist Patrick Rutamu.

 On different occasions, he dislocated his right shoulder in training and on different national team assignments. When he fell on it in the recent game at APR Fc during the Rubavu Instinzi celebrations, he suffered spasms.

When the shoulder is rotated outwards – cocking your arm back – any extra force, such as the fall suffered by Nshuti, can pop the humorous bone out of the joint. This is known as anterior dislocation.

How do you fix it?

As was the case with Nshuti, a doctor must put the joint back into place immediately.

The shoulder should then be immobilized in a sling for two to three weeks before a period of physiotherapy to build strength in the rotator cuff muscles in the shoulder.

Doctors recommend sporting activity should be avoided for around six weeks to allow the injury time to heal.

Why does it take so long to heal?

The bone might go back in immediately but the ligaments around the bone are normally torn, while the shoulder cartilage and the fibrous capsule enclosing the joint could also be damaged.

Recurring dislocations are likely because these structures, once damaged, never regain their original strength. Surgery just like they did for Nshuti is normally recommended after four dislocations.

Commonly known as the ‘Petit Messi’, the former Rayon Sports forward will pose a real threat to any defense mounted by any team once his shoulder fully recovers and his return will not only boost AS Kigali in their surge for the league title but will also be pivotal to Amavubi team ahead of the continental assignments.