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Traders Worried, Christmas sales Generally Low

by Oswald Niyonzima
3:34 pm

Christmas and beer are inseparable. Beer Trucks are stationed at most depots to boost steady supply of soft drinks and beers

Christmas is here and a big percentage of Rwandans being Christians makes the festive season very interesting. Everyone is busy shopping, drinking, visiting friends and merry making.

Elisabeth Nyiramatama sales cowpeas at Nyabugogo Fresh Food Market. She usually sells approximately 20kg at Rwf700/kg, but on Friday sold 40kg and still had hope of more clients.

“Today we have got many clients buying food items for Christmas! I have almost doubled daily sales,” she said.

Next to Nyiramatama’s stall are two women selling fruits. One of them is Angelique Iradukunda, who told KTPress that she usually sells 15 pineapples, but she has sold 40 on Friday. One pineapple is Frw 300.

“Yeah, it is Christmas! We have actually been registering increased sales,” Iradukunda said.

Another trader Felix Niyonsenga is selling bananas. He told KTPress he did not find any change in his sales, but hopes to make more sales on Sunday.

“Normally, three days before Christmas here we sell 3 tons of green bananas but today, we have not even sold a half of them,” he said.

For sweet potatoes vendors said they got a big number of clients while retailers were saying the day looked strange to them.

“Buyers are coming, we are making money today” another wholesale trader told KT Press.

Passengers had to endure long queues before boarding

At nearby butcheries in Nyabugogo few clients are buying meat; “It is strange! We had very few clients today! Let’s hope they will come,” Nyaraneza Edissa said.

However, next to butchery shops, Lawrence Bamurange is seating in a grocery shop with different items. She has made more sales today especially cooking oil in retail.

“Today I have sold three jerry cans of cooking oil. I used to sell only one,” she said admitting to have increased sales in every single item she has in the shop.

Venuste Sangwa sells women items; clothes, shoes and bags at Materne’s building in front of Mutangana’s building. It is a busy day for him as he facilitates clients trying to choose from different items; “We have many clients mostly buying dresses and shoes.”

The Street Vendors Market in Nyabugogo is also crowded by clients to the extent that one can’t find their way in.

“There is change in sales. I was selling 3 men jeans a day but today I have already made it to 5 and I hope to sell 10 by the end of the day,” Jean Baptiste Uwitonze said.

Alexandre Kwizera sells Chritsmas ornaments including Christmas trees and Christmas lights.

“I don’t really know what happened! Clients are not coming like in previous festive seasons,” he said, adding that in previously he could earn Rwf300,000 but this season he told KTPress that he does not hope to make Rwf100,000.

Butchers have not had more customers as buyers are mostly purchasing general merchandise

Chicken meat is considered a very pricey delicacy during such festive season. This man was lucky to purchase two cocks and will of course have a yummy Xmas

Demand for clothes and shoes is high.Most shops downtown are swarmed by buyers trying on everything to find whether it fits well before paying

Synthetic Xmas trees are also among the major items on demand for decoration

These men were lucky to have taken their seats on the window . Their journey upcountry must have been so enjoyable welcoming Xmas all the way

Bananas wont miss on the Xmas menu. A bunch like this costs up to 5000rwf

Most stalls selling general products are so busy during this festive season

Most Kigali streets and roundabouts are neatly decorated with Christmas lights. The night glows away with these areas lit

Kigali streets are glowing with such irresistable beauty. Walking through, places everyone in the festive mood