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Rwandans Eager to Watch ‘Rwanda -The Royal Tour’ Documentary

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:04 pm

President Paul Kagame(Middle) previewing footage after a shooting session in the Royal Tour documentary

A tourism documentary ‘Rwanda-The Royal Tour’ with President Paul Kagame as the guide yesterday premiered in the state of Chicago, USA attracting global personalities and enthusiasm from global viewers.

Released for the first time, the film was documented by renowned American travel investigation journalist, Peter Greenberg who personally got a guided tour of what Rwanda is now 24 years after the Genocide against Tutsi.

The documentary features Rwanda touristic attractions, life in the quick growing capital city – Kigali and natural attractions in the country.

Both Kagame and Greenberg ventured deep inside the country known as the “land of a thousand hills.”

In the documentary, President Kagame becomes the ultimate guide, showcasing the visual gems that his country has to offer. Together, they went gorilla trekking through Volcanoes National Park, jet-skied in Lake Kivu, explored Nyungwe National Park on an elevated canopy walkway and saw a variety of wildlife during a safari through Akagera National Park.

At the premiering of the documentary, Kagame and the producer joined a hall full of participants including former United Nations Peacekeeper Rtd General Romeo Dallaire, Jack Hanna- American zookeeper and Director emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Rwandan community in US to mention but a few.

President Kagame, and Greenberg attended a Q&A session from the public about the documentary which portrays the journey Rwanda has made 24 years after the Genocide.

This new one hour documentary is the latest edition of the groundbreaking Royal Tour series, in which Greenberg journeys to a select country to offer audiences access to extraordinary locations, historic landmarks and cultural experiences.

He has been guided by some of the most dynamic and powerful heads of state around the world (in Ecuador, Israel and Mexico).

 “Excited to be at premiere of Rwanda: The Royal Tour — a great documentary about Rwanda with Claire Akamanzi and about 500 business leaders from Chicago. Rwanda is a beautiful country,” tweeted Fred Swaniker, founder of All Africa founder of African Leadership Academy (ALA) Group.

President Paul Kagame viewing Kigali city at the pinnacle of Ubumwe Hotel

The film will be broadcast on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) and a Local American TV station- WTTW on Thursday 26 April all over the USA as part of the TV education programme.

Some Rwandans who watched the one-minute 36 seconds documentary trailer online have asked that public screening of the documentary should be brought Kigali screens.

L-R: Ange Kagame, Jack Hanna and Ivan Cyomoro Kagame

The First Daughter Ange Kagame who was also in the company of the First Son Ivan Cyomoro Kagame also tweeted: “Can’t wait for you all to see it!”

“Rwanda Royal Tour needs a special screening at Century Cinemas on Thursday and for the next couple of weeks let the world know about Remarkable Rwanda. Who agrees with me” said Bob Allan, a local photographer.

The premiering of Rwanda Royal Tour

Pearl Karungi- a Digital Media Coordinator at Next Einstein Forum (NEF) who also participated in the premier event said “Excited about the Rwanda Royal Tour, what better way to excite my birthday. God knows how much I waited for the premier to post a few photos from behind the scenes oh!”

In the behind scene images, President Kagame is seen in a photograph on top of Ubumwe hotel in Kigali.

Meanwhile, the documentary is expected to be streamed on National public broadcaster on Friday, at 7pm, local time.

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Cally Alles April 25, 2018 - 7:58 am

As usual – “leading from the front”. That he managed to find time, despite his super busy schedule, shows his untiring love for Rwanda and it’s people. What a great man.

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