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Tantalum Plant to Be Speeded Up

by Dan Ngabonziza
10:04 pm

Mine workers show a load of mineral ore. Tantalum plant is expected to add value to Rwandan minerals

Rwanda has not yet laid the foundation stone for construction of its first ever tantalum plant, but officials are still optimistic they will have launched it within the next six months that are remaining on the 12 months deadline.

In November last year, Rwanda signed a deal to see the first ever tantalum refinery plant in the country.

The $16 million plant to be constructed by PLG Plc – a Malta-based International company at Kigali Special Economic Zone, will see the country start exporting refined tantalum products to the global market.

At the initial phase, the plant is expected to produce 10 Metric tons in a month and upgrade to 60 Metric tons later on.

Francis Gatare, Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board which signed the deal on behalf of the government, said the progress is promising.

“The investor is currently mobilizing equipment and once they arrive, we will be able to announce when construction begins,” Gatare told KT Press.

“The momentum remains the same as investor had promised. They have already conducted all business-related studies. They are currently conducting environmental impact assessment,” he added.

When completed, the plant will boost the country – the world’s biggest exporter of tantalum-producing more than 50% of the needed quantity onto the global market.

PLG Plc – is a Malta-based International, vertically integrated, metallic materials science company with operations in Europe.