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BAL4: Sahara Conference Return Leg Is Here

by Annet Mugabo
4:33 pm
APR Basketball Club is set to return to the court today, facing a challenging match against US Monastir. APR Basketball Club is coming off a victory against AS Douanes, with a close score of 66-61. This win was particularly impressive because it was achieved on AS Douanes’ home turf, where their fans were vocally supportive throughout the game.
This upcoming match is crucial for APR, as a victory is key to their success in the Sahara Conference and their hopes of securing a spot in Rwanda later this month.
In their last three games in the Sahara Conference, APR lost to Rivers Hoopers but won two other matches, including the one against AS Douanes. Despite the loss against Rivers Hoopers, APR’s resilience was noted when they managed to overcome AS Douanes on their own court.
APR Basketball Club’s coach, Mazen Trakh, stated, “I don’t anticipate major changes for us. Our focus will be on winning the game and addressing our shooting errors from the previous match. Improving our shooting accuracy is crucial for achieving favorable results.”
US Monastir, although winless in all three of their games so far, will be determined to secure their first victory, adding pressure to both teams. This makes today’s game even more intense and significant.
APR Basketball Club will also have the advantage of their fans’ support in today’s game, boosting their morale and determination.
The game is scheduled this evening at 6 pm Kigali Time, as part of the Sahara Conference hosted at the Dakar Arena. So far, six games have been played, with eight more on the schedule. The hosts, AS Douanes, APR from Rwanda, Tunisia’s US Monastir, and Nigerian Champions Rivers Hoopers, are competing fiercely for playoff spots later this month in Kigali.
The conference has already seen some notable performances and moments. Abdoulaye Harouna set a Sahara Conference record with 35 points, leading AS Douanes to a 76-59 victory over US Monastir. Rivers Hoopers hit 14 three-pointers against APR, the second-highest total in Season 4 of the BAL. The match between APR and US Monastir went into overtime, with APR winning 89-84, marking only the second overtime game in BAL history.
US Monastir recorded the fewest points in a single game this season, with a score of 59-76 against AS Douanes. On the opening day, a remarkable 8,593 fans gathered at Dakar Arena to support AS Douanes against Rivers Hoopers.
As we enter the second half of the Sahara Conference, here’s the current standings:
1.Rivers Hoopers (Nigeria) – 3-0
2.APR BBC (Rwanda) – 2-1
3.AS Douanes (Senegal) – 1-2
4.US Monastir (Tunisia) – 0-3
Given these standings, there’s potential for significant shifts by the end of the conference. The upcoming games are crucial for all teams involved.

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