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I Got a Glimpse of Rural Life In Rwanda – PM Modi

by Dan Ngabonziza
12:12 pm

Prime Minister Modi checks one of the cows he donated to Rweru residents.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, says part of his memorable experience during 2-day state visit to Rwanda is its ‘rural life’.

This morning, the Prime Minister who arrived in Rwanda on Monday evening, traveled to Rweru model village in Bugesera district, Eastern Province to donate 200 cows to citizens in the village.

The village is surrounded by a remote Mazane Island covered by Lake Rweru.

Formerly crocodile infested area – 400 Families in this village were in 2016 given free decent homes, land for farming and were connected to the latest 4G LTE Internet, among others.

President Kagame and PM Modi greeting residents of Rweru village.

Addressing members of the press last night, Prime Minister Modi said bigger part of his country’s population lives in rural areas.

Despite a GDP of $2.264 trillion with an annual growth rate of 7.1%, 68% of India’s 1.2 billion population lives in rural areas.

After handing over 200 cows to enthusiastic residents, Prime Minister Modi said:

“Got a glimpse of rural life in Rwanda during the memorable visit to Rweru Model Village. I thank President Paul Kagame for accompanying me. Gifted 200 cows to villagers who do not yet own one, as a part of the Rwandan Government’s Girinka Programme.”

India is the world’s top supplier of milk with 167 million metric tons of milk a year.

Rwanda currently produces 600,000 metric tons of milk annually – an increase of more than 300 percent in less than a decade.

Rwanda, which in 2006 launched Girinka program, too, seeks to improve the country’s livestock sector – starting right from the poor.

The Prime Minister concluded his visit at 11:50 AM. He was seen off by President Paul Kagame at Kigali International Airport. Prime Minister Modi left Rwanda for Uganda.