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Mother Delivers Triplets after Voting MPs, Files First Petition to Parliament  

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:35 pm

Maniraguha’s triplet

Claudine Maniraguha, is officially a mother of 8 despite all odds.

On Monday, the lady from Nyagahinga, a village of Cyanika sector, Musanze district of Northern Province woke up early morning and headed to polling station to vote for Members of parliament.

She overcame pains of an expectant mother because she wanted better future for her country.

All went well. She was given priority to vote upon reaching the polling station, and she returned home.

Barely had she opened her gate, things changed and she tried to reach the nearby health center in vain. She started labor right away and in a while, she gave birth to three daughters.

“I can’t describe the joy I felt. After five boys, these are the only girls God has blessed me with,” said the mother of nine.

After giving birth, all the attention of Maniraguha’s village turned to her, and they hurried an ambulance which took her to Ruhengeri hospital in the company of his husband and the five sons.

Claudine Maniraguha who gave birth to triplet

She did not have health insurance – mutuelle de santé because she said, her family is such poor that they cannot easily raise enough money for it.

The neighbors raised money for it right away, and this brought Maniraguha to filing the first petition to the 4th parliament which is being elected.

“We barely make end meet. I appeal to the parliamentary candidates to consider that I accepted to suffer while going to vote for them. It’s’ because I value the cause of having good leadership,” she said.

“I need milk for my children but I can’t raise money for it. However, I believe the MPs who will go through can give me a cow so that I raise up my children in dignity.”

Emmanuel Harerimana, the husband to Maniraguha supported his wife and said: “God who gave us the triplet knows how we shall raise them up. We live on handouts from casual works among our neighbors. God will provide.”

Maniraguha said, one of his daughter will be called Mukadepite, loosely translated as the Spouse of the MP in memory of the day.

In the family of Maniraguha and Harerimana, the eldest of the family of eight children is 12 years old.