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The Best Of National Leadership Retreat

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
1:37 pm

The 16th National Leadership retreat concluded yesterday with President Paul Kagame advising all leaders to keep in mind resolutions that would transform the country to the better.

He told them to “Do the things we have agreed you are going to do to develop our country, to grow our economy, to build capacities, to improve the quality of services we give to our people and so forth.”

The training ended on a good note. The president who had launched the retreat  raising serious security concerns caused by the neighboring Uganda told participants not to fear, because despite all odds, Rwanda is safe and secure.

“You may hear all kinds of stories. As you go home, relax. When you go to bed, have your sleep. When you wake up in the morning ready to work, you just know the country is very fine. For security, we are very fine,” he said.

The president’s concern is not that some assignment would be difficult to achieve; what is most important is for the leaders to try and fail but never fail to try.

According to the President, all it takes is just to change the attitude.

Here are a selection of the best moments of Umwiherero participants through the lens of our camera.

What’s Up Bro ?

Greetings to Our Kenyan brothers and sisters

Happy that my transport proposals were considered for this Umwiherero

Honorable, social welfare and sports have a direct link

How are farmers in the North doing?  Allright. Potatoes are selling like hot cake

I am happy that the young generation is attending this retreat. They are welcome on board

How is education brother? Thank you for increasing teachers’ salary

I am really happy to join. Honorable, how many retreats have you so far attended?

I will miss these rare moments won’t you?


Listen, Police Human resources are well managed today. You should also do your best to transform the operations department into a shining star

My point is this: Made in Rwanda is the way to go

Russia is really far away. Welcome home

Should we do it this way? No. this way. Fighting corruption among the big fish is not easy, but with synergy, we shall get there

Smart jogging. You should not forget a battle of mineral water

What a spectacular view!

Wow! I can connect my phone to the wifi from the fleet