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BK Group Conducts Career Guidance Among University Students

by Williams Buningwire
10:49 am

Kevin Rudahinduka-Program Director in Bank of Kigali

Bank of Kigali Group PLC has conducted career guidance among university students, purposely to share experience about labour market demands.

Dubbed ‘Career Fair 2019’ that kicked off at University of Rwanda (UR), Gikondo campus -Kigali City with a theme,‘Redefining career’,  it also aims at sharing facts on how technology has changed labor market demand.

It convened about 300 UR students and experienced employers and employees from Bank of Kigali, University of Rwanda lecturers, among others.

Students who attended career Fair 2019 are still perusing various courses including; Medicine and Health science, Finance and accounting, marketing, Human Resource, among others, which makes the initiative relevant.

Kevin Rudahinduka, Programs Director at Bank of Kigali said; “students nowadays have to use internet in conducting self-learning of other things apart from their future professions. Extra skills may equip you even when you are not employed in your domain of education.”

Rudahinduka further said: “In the future employers will be looking at skills not academic documents, making extra skills crucial, this can only be achieved by self-learning using internet,” Rudahinduka said.

He thus advised the professionals-to-be to use all the tools available to learn extra skills.

“Lecturers will not give you 100%. You need to dig deeper,” Rudahinduka said.

The set up of the career guidance venue at UR headquarters – Gikondo

According to Rudahinduka, technology is coming, but robots will not be able to do everything. For example, customer negotiation and communication will forcibly involve human beings.

“Though robots are efficient, but they are made by man. They remain machines that can’t detect mood or even communicate better than people. This is where you need to learn effective public speaking and excellent communication,” Rudahinduka said.

According to Dr. Faustine Gashayija, Principal of Business and Economic studies at UR “In previous years, universities trained people to work for others, but these days we have to train them to be employers by being creative and entrepreneurs.”

In Gashayija’s view, “Students should redefine their career expectations by being employers than being job seekers. However, this can be done by having the attitude to self-learning using internet, something studens are lucking while it’s highly desirable.”

This week long ‘Career Fair 2019’ resumes today at UR campuses located in Musanze and Huye with similar message.

Edouard Nsanzuwera, Medicine and health science student said: “It’s high time we started using internet to embrace self-learning to get extra skills.”