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Callixte Nsabimana Case: Victims of FLN Attacks Want Compensation

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
4:49 pm

The car that was burned in Nyabimata by FLN

Survivors of terror attacks which killed three in Nyabimata sector of Nyaruguru district have said that they need to file a compensation case against Callixte Nsabimana, spokesperson of the self-proclaimed Front de Liberation National(FLN) who is battling a criminal case in Gasabo Primary court.

The Primary court in Gasabo district on Thursday informed Nsabimana of 16 charges including terrorism, Formation of an irregular armed group; Complicity in committing terrorist acts; Conspiracy and incitement to commit terrorist acts; Taking persons hostage; Murder; and Looting, according to Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).He pleaded guilty of all the offenses, and asked for forgiveness before his lawyer asked for his provisional release on ground that “since he was arrested, he cooperated with investigation organs.”

Among these offenses, Nsabimana’s FLN is alleged to have been behind armed attacks that killed 3 in Nyaruguru district, Nyabimata sector which claimed lives of three people, injuring 19 others in June 2018.

The attack also involved looting and burning a car of the sector executive secretary, a motorcycle and a house.

Survivors of the attacks said, that while Nsabimana has to answer about the crimes, they also want to be represented at court so that their compensation plea can be heard.

Josephine Mukashyaka from Nyabimata sector lost his husband Fidele Munyaneza in the attacks. His husband was principle of a secondary school and president of Nyabimata sector council.

The widow told KT Press, that they are thankful that the man who claimed to be behind it was brought to court, but she suggests that he also compensate their families who incurred huge losses.

“My husband was the family breadwinner. He was the pride of me and my children and life has become so hard without him,” said Mukashyaka to make her point.

Marie Chantal Ingabire from Kibeho sector of Nyaruguru district also lost her husband Anatole Maniraho who was in charge of academic affairs at GS Nyabimata.

Maniraho left his wife with two young children. The widow says it has become a big challenge to raise them.

“He should definitely compensate us. He killed my husband when the family needed him most. Raising my children up has become very difficult to me,” she said.

The survivors also request that court should take Nsabimana’s case hearing on the scene of the crime.

Faustin Nkusi, the spokesperson of the National Prosecution Authority assured the widows and anyone who was affected by terror attacks that are involved in Nsabimana Callixte’s trial, will be informed at due time so that they can file their compensation case.

“When the trial that was initiated start in substance, they can also come in and file their compensation case. They will be informed, because, according to normal procedures, when victims of a criminal case are available, they get informed of the case and proceed with a compensation case,” said Nkusi.

“They have the right to file compensation case.”

According a lawyer who spoke to KT Press under condition anonymity, the victims who have compensation interest in this trial can file their case either individually or collectively.

In legal terms, the collective way is called public interest litigation or class action.

In this case, hearing of the criminal case will go alongside the compensation case, a procedure known as civil action within criminal proceeding.

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