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Japanese Firm Creates Software to Facilitate Mathematics Teaching

by Williams Buningwire
12:14 pm

At the presentation of the software

SAKURA-a Japanese leading ICT solution provider for education has created software that will easily introduce pupils to early learning of mathematics basics including; addition, division, multiplication, among others.

The software dubbed ‘Interactive mathematics software’ was revealed during the press briefing on May 10 at Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) – Kigali.

It is practical when a teacher installs classwork in the software and a computer converts them into images, voice and animations in form of numbers.

‘Interactive mathematics software’ has been created with the capacity to convert installed numbers into images, voices and being able to show working on computer screen or projector.

“This software is so interactive through images, voice and animations relating to the real world that allows the user, especially young learners, to explore mathematic concepts with fun,”  Angelique Mukampongerwa, head teacher of Groupe Scolaire Kimironko II, said.

“We have 1200 pupils who are expected to benefit from the programme. Normally, majority of students doesn’t enjoy learning mathematics. They consider it a boring and complicated course, but we hope many will enjoy counting using animation,” Mukampongerwa added.

“The study of ‘interactive mathematics software’ is underway in public primary schools around Kigali City, but already applicable in Japan,” Jiro Makimoto, Interactive Mathematics software program advisor said.

The software is expected to be launched in next three years after Rwanda Education Board (REB) and SAKURA have finished thorough study about its applicability.

“Interactive Mathematics software aims at introducing mathematics basics to pupils who don’t enjoy attending lessons to blackboards, but can learn through entertainment by watching images and listening to voices,”Makimoto said.

According to Makimoto, Interactive mathematics software targets all public primary schools across the country in line with policy of “SMART Classroom.”

The software will be exhibited during upcoming Transform Africa Summit in Kigali next week.

Makimoto said that this software can be used in Kinyarwanda by changing its setting in language. It also has the capacity to give voices indicating whether the answer is right or wrong.

“We are still doing the survey for the effectiveness of this software, we haven’t known how many schools will benefit, but we are targeting all public schools,” Makimoto said.