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Photos: Leaders Take Note of Citizens’ Concerns

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
6:20 pm

Alivera Mukabaramba, state Minister in charge of Social affairs takes note of an issue from her areas of intervention

Central and local government leaders are this week going through an accountability test during the head state citizen outreach.

On May 8, the president started his tour of the country where he interacts with citizen to understand their concerns and development oriented suggestions.

He started with Burera district of Northern Province, and, today, he was in Musanze district of the same province.

Her child was victim of defilement. The president took the matter seriously

However, citizen file relevant concerns and the main issue that dominated the two days, is a case of a milk dairy in Burera district where shareholders failed to run it, at the expense of the farmers’ milk in this pastoral region.

A part from that issue however, the president received diverse ideas.

Uwamahoro Providence raised a criminal case. She said her child of five years was defiled and the perpetrator was sentenced to seven years of jail in 2009, “but the sentence was never executed.”

What’s your name again and what’s the problem? Minister of Local Governement Anastase Shyaka notes a problem of a citizen in Musanze today

The president directed the National Police to solve this problem and, right away, a right away, a senior police officer took note.

For Anastase Hakizimana, from Jenda sector, Nyabihu district, the issue was again about milk.

The farmer told the President: “Your Excellency, you gave us cows, but when we carry milk to the dairy today they take it, and the following day, they refuse it, citing low standards. We are making so much loss and we would like you to find us markets.”

“I will find the market for you. I definitely will find it,” the president said before turning to the agricultural officials to ask what really could be going on.

The president asked the concerned company which responded that they take milk whenever it comes, EXCEPT when it is substandard.

Faustin Tuyishime from Musanze district, Shingiro sector, Mugari cell was also fortunate to file his three questions and he also got satisfactory answers.

Infrastructure concerns were many-Claver Gatete needs to answer electricity and road problems

The cell is adjacent to Volcano National Park.

He said that animals always invade their farms, but “When the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) which manages parks comes to valuate losses for compensation, the pay us half the cost of damages involved.”

The president asked “In the first place, why doesn’t RDB build a fence to avoid that invasion?” which RDB believes, it is possible.

He however said, that pending this fence, “farmers should be compensated accordingly.”

Faustin Tuyishime tells Minister Uzziel Ndagijimana of Finance his real problems

This man also complained about an issue of road that affected their properties but they were not given expropriation fees.

He also said his Mugari cell, they are the only one in the whole Jenda sector who do not have electricity and the president directed Minister of Infrastructure to work on it, an assignment he embarked on right away.