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Rhinos’ New Homemates in Akagera Park

by Dan Ngabonziza
5:53 pm

This week, on Monday – to be precise, Akagera National Park received new members – the five Eastern Black Rhinos.

The endangered Rhinos were flown in from different Zoos across Europe.

At around 4pm local time, the sedated-looking Rhinos were being offloaded trucks that had taken them to the park, where they will join 20 others.

On top of them, the newcomers in the park join a growing population – thanks to conservation efforts made over the past years.

KT Press takes you back to the recent aerial animal census conducted at the Park in August 2017, which focused on the thirteen large animal species in Akagera Park.

According to the survey, there was 100 Elephants, 2,879 Buffalo, 88 Giraffe; 214 Eland, 39 Roan antelopes, 1,033 Waterbuck; 1,901 Zebra, 888 Topi, 55 Sitatunga, 1,773 Impala; 783 Warthog, 1,643 Hippopotamus and 500 Crocodiles.

The Rhinos’ arrival, however, could find an additional members of the thirteen species – since the 5th census is yet to be conducted, according to Sarah Hall – the Park’s Marketing Manager.

“The census is conducted every two years. The next one will be out in August this year,” Hall told KT Press.

Today, Akagera is once again, home to not only the Big Five, but, many other diverse wild life that were historically endemic to the area.

As the Rhinos were offloaded to their temporary home before being dispatched to the park, KT Press captured some of the thirteen large animal species as they roamed the Park for their daily errands.

Photos: Plaisir Muzogeye