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We Are Moving

by KT Press Reporter
3:50 pm

In a few days, Kigali Today Ltd, which incorporates KTRadio, KTPress,  Kigali Today and KT Multi Media  will be moving from our first ever home in Nyarutarama, and relocating to Champion Investment Company’s (Chic) Building in Kigali downtown.

We began in Nyarutarama neighbourhood – Gasabo district in 2011 and with your support, we have grown and prospered there.

This home will always occupy a special place in the affections of all those who work, and have worked with us, the KT family.

But, we also feel that our lovely home until now, has not been as accessible to you, as we would like. At the forefront of all our minds, from the most junior journalist, to the head of our organisation, is the ever present awareness that we are here to serve you, our listeners, readers, our audience.

We exist to bring you the kind of journalism of which we can all be proud, to bring you the information that accurately reflects our country, our society, to engage, and entertain you. So we are moving to be more accessible to you.

Tune in, look out, and watch out for details of where you will be able to find us. We love to have you visit and see where we work.

And as always, do keep in touch with us, send your views, your opinions, your bouquets and brickbats. We value them all, and they help us serve you even better.

For all these years, we have aimed to bring you the best of our journalism from our varied platforms. With KTPress and Kigali Today in English and Kinyarwanda respectively, we have brought you the most up to date news, be it politics, economics, social affairs, entertainment, investigation, in short, any news that affects your lives.

Our programmes on KTRadio cover current affairs, politics and entertainment, in both English and Kinyarwanda.

On KT Multi Media, we have brought you films with subjects ranging from extreme sports like “MotoCross”, Kansiime’s comedy, Kwibohora celebrations, Ubumuntu festival, to the political philosophy of Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba.

We do not however rest on our laurels, and we shall continue to bring you the range of programming we have always brought you, but, we shall aim to bring you even more.

For businesses and organisations, come and let us help you reach your audience, we offer the most competitive rates

Our platforms:

  1. KT Radio

Kigali: 96.7 FM

Eastern Province: 102 FM

Northern Province: 101.1 FM

Western Province: 103.3 FM

  1. kigalitoday.com
  2. https://www.ktpress.rw/
  3. KT Multi Media