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First Lady Jeannette Kagame Explains the True Reconciliation

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:37 pm

First Lady Jeannette Kagame delivering her remarks as Guest of Honour

The First Lady Mrs Jeannette Kagame, has said that the reconciliation meant for sustainable development is not just repentance and forgiveness; rather, it reinforces sustainable cohesion.

The First Lady was on Saturday the guest of honor at the National Prayer Breakfast, a monthly event organized by the Rwanda Leaders Fellowship (RLF) organization.

Mrs Kagame further defined the true reconciliation as that one which “is reflected when individuals, communities and countries share a common vision; share a common responsibility to realize their vision; and accept to hold each other accountable.”

While any country has its own experience how to go about it, in Rwanda, several home grown initiatives enable communities to network, collaborate, thus reinforcing accountability.

Participants of the Monthly Prayer Breakfast included representatives from Government Parliament Private Sector and Faith Based-Organisations

Of them, the First Lady mentioned Umuganda, the monthly community work which is basically voluntary cleaning of the environment in the villages.

Umuganda is followed by conversations of the community around several topics. Such conversations lead to an agreement to achieve a certain task.

The First Lady also mentioned performance contract where leaders pledge before the Head of State what they will achieve in a coming year.

The event is also participatory in the sense that it involves local leaders and the councils which represent the community in decision making.

On this list also, Umushyikirano is another platform where Rwandans from the country and the diaspora, figuratively the sixth province of the country meet to debate country development issues and set goals.

“We welcome and encourage such gatherings, as they enable us to continue telling our stories and exchanging ideas,” Mrs Kagame said.

“They allow us to forge genuine partnerships and work hand in hand to be each other’s keepers.”

Mrs Grace Nelson (L), lead of the _Sisters’ delegation, First Lady Jeannette Kagame (C) and Eric Munyemana, Rwanda Leaders Fellowship Chairman at the Montly Prayer Breakfast

Meanwhile, the National Prayer Breakfast is also becoming another important gathering.

Today’s participants were joined by The Sisters, a group of women leader, former Heads of State and spouses of leaders from around the world.

Leading the delegation, Mrs Grace Nelson wife to former United States Senator Bill Nelson said that her group was privileged to attend.

“We are here to learn from you because you are ahead of us in many things,” she said.

Mrs. Grace Nelson, representing the ‘Sisters’ delegation, delivering her remarks

To be more specific, Grace Nelson said that Rwanda “is a model of reconciliation to the world.”

She had taken note while Pastor Antoine Rutayisire who delivered a sermon on Reconciliation as sustainable development was preaching.

She also acknowledged the good job of President Paul Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame in transforming the country, all in humility.

“The more I know her(Mrs Kagame), I think she is an angel,” said Grace Nelson.

“President Kagame is an example of leaders who lead with humility.”