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KTRN Injects $10million to Resolve 4G Internet Hitches

by Daniel Sabiiti
11:50 am

Passengers browsing internet on their gadgets in transit aboard Rwanda’s public transport buses fitted with 4GLTE internet.

Korea Telecommunication Rwanda Networks has announced a nationwide 4G LTE  network upgrade for better connectivity after several complaints of network failure attributed to a growing demand for 4G internet.

KTRN Rwanda networks is investing more than $10million in the whole network upgrade and LTE+ which will be done in Kigali city and other six secondary cities.

“Recently, as customers’ demands grow, 4G users have been experiencing network challenges which necessitates a need for network upgrade as it continues to adapt and meet the increasing capacity and quality demands of 4G LTE customers in Rwanda,” KTRN said in a communique.

This expansion has been planned in 2 phases; network upgrade (software/optimization) which has already started and will span until 15th of December 2019, and advanced new LTE+ service in Kigali and other busy towns that are ongoing and planned to be concluded by March 2020.

This is expected to also make use of the existing 4G LTE which now covers 95% of the population yet there is only 52% Internet penetration and less than 10% digital inclusivity in the country of estimated 12milllion Rwandans.

However, Rwanda has 98% of government services available online and 74.8% phone penetration and increasing use of Mobile money users  that reached 10million, which triggered the demand for good reliable internet.

Recently the Chief Information Officer at Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA), Josephine Nyiranzeyimana, said that the digital gap was caused partly by issues of the cost of Internet and quality in some cases and asked that the provider improve their services to bridge the existing digital gap.

Early January 2019, KT Rwanda networks, in consultations with its partners, leveraged the continuous initiative to promote digital inclusion in the country by launching Unlimited 4G services for smartphone users; which have been purposely made affordable to benefit many, in line with the recent trends in smartphone penetration in the country.

There has been varied packages and plans launched.

“We are striving to continuously improve the quality for all-time-access to advanced internet (4G LTE+) with an affordable price that would trigger another innovation and ICT development in daily lives of Rwandan and new business opportunities to many start-ups” said Daeheak AN (Aaron), KTRN’s Chief Executive Officer.