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Rwanda Named 4th Best World Destination for 2020

by Dan Ngabonziza
11:39 am

Interior design of the Royal Palace museum in Rukari, Nyanza district-southern Rwanda

With a Gorilla holding its baby in the mist displayed below No.4 with the name Rwanda, the country has been ranked the fourth best destination on the planet for 2020 travellers.

“Rwanda is at the top of my list to visit in Africa to experience its cultural mix and beautiful natural surrounds. While most people go to see the gorillas there are lots of other cultural heritage sites and experiences to be had,” said Amanda Mouttaki – a blogger with Maroc Mama.

Baby gorilla can be charming

Amanda was among the judges that ended up ranking Rwanda the top destination in Africa and fourth on the planet for tourists to visit in 2020, during the annual awards honouring trending destinations that were published this week on the site TravelLemming.com, which promotes emerging destinations around the world as a solution to over-tourism.

Esther Mbabazi, Rwanda’s First female pilot aboard Rwandair jet. Expension of this airline is increasing credits of the country in tourism

Travel Lemming is a site dedicated to promoting the world’s emerging destinations and encouraging travellers to think beyond the traditional “tourist traps.”

“This East African pearl is changing the African travel narrative in so many ways. It will be exciting to visit Kigali to see its amazing transformation and to see the conservation efforts at its national parks,” said Amarachi Ekekwe – a systems engineer and travel blogger with the “Travel with a Pen” blog, who was explaining why Rwanda was ranked top in Africa.

Singita lodge and Kwitonda house in the volcano national park

According to Travel Lemming website, Rwanda’s tourism scene is most famous for the opportunity to come face-to-face with the world’s most enrapturing creature on one of its spectacular mountain gorilla treks. But Rwanda’s conservation success story is about more than just gorillas: Akagera National Park offers the chance to see the Big Five on a more traditional safari, while Volcanoes National Park invites you to explore its fire-spewing namesakes.

“And with the World Economic Forum recently naming it the safest country in Africa and RwandAir slated to open direct flights from JFK (John F. Kennedy International Airport) to Kigali, 2020 is the best year yet to travel to Rwanda.”

Kamiranzovu waterfall in Nyungwe national park

The website also provided the best period to visit the country and top attractions the country offers.

According to Travel Lemming, mid-December to early February and from June to September is the best period to visit Rwanda while top attractions the travel website offered include Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe National Park, Ethnographic Museum and Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Volcanoes national park in Rwanda’s North and Western Provinces, is a stop centre for all Rwanda gorilla safaris sheltering the highest number of mountain gorillas in the Virunga Conservation area.

Traditional danse – Intore

Tucked away in the middle of tea Plantations, the biggest mountain rain forest on the African continent, Nyungwe forest is probably the most preserved forest in Africa and home to over 1000 species of creation.

A gift from Belgium’s King Badouin in the late 1980s, Rwanda’s Ethnographic Museum now houses one of Africa’s finest ethnographic collections.

For Kigali Genocide Memorial – home to over 250,000 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi – a very first time visitor leaves with a huge commitment to ensuring what happened in Rwanda never happens elsewhere in the World.

Gorilla silver-back is the chief in every family

Commenting on the latest ranking, Belise Kariza – Chief Tourism Officer of the Rwanda Development Board said, “We are honoured to receive this award and be among the top countries to be visited in 2020 as rated by the world’s leading travel bloggers. Visit Rwanda shares this award with the community members, conservationists, tourism operators and hoteliers who contribute every day to making Rwanda a special place to visit,”

“If you haven’t visited Rwanda yet, we welcome you to experience the country’s natural beauty, culture and wildlife. Rwanda is truly one of the world’s most remarkable luxury ecotourism destinations.”

Huye ethnographic museum