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Rwanda to Connect Ten Sectors without Electricity by June 2020

by Daniel Sabiiti
5:47 pm

Rwanda-ten sector offices with no electricity. Connection for next year

The remaining ten sectors without electricity in Rwanda will be connected on the national grid by June next year, Ministry of Infrastructure has revealed.

The 10 unconnected sectors are among the 416 sectors in the country.

They include: Cyabakamyi, Rwaniro, Mugano, Musange, Nkomane, Kibangu, Nyabirasi, Gasange, Mutuntu and Ndego sectors.

A plan to put them on the grid was revealed after citizens at the National Dialogue Council 2019, raised concerns over lack of electricity, and told the council, this Thursday, that they lack electricity yet power lines pass above their houses.

“Some sectors like Rwerere and Butaro don’t have electricity yet others do. Some livestock farmers needed to install coolers but this couldn’t happen because of lack of power. We (youth) ask to be connected so we can develop like others,” said Thaddee Ngwijabahizi, a Burera district resident.

“Power lines pass over our homes, but if we get connected to the three hydro power plants in Nyamagabe, we can achieve our development goals as you all know- where there is electricity, development follows,” said Venantie Mukahigiro, resident of Nyamagabe district.

In response, Infrastructure Minister, Claver Gatete said that these areas will be given high priority in order to have a complete picture of set national and rural electrification targets and government has received funding to this effect.

“We have also prioritized these areas so that before at the end of June next year will have electricity, except in Ndego sector where more works is needed to also get connected before the year ends,” Gatete said.

Rwanda has an ambitious plan to have all 416 sector communities connected (100%) with electricity by the year 2024 as seen in the National Strategic plan. 2017-2024, but so far only 52% has been covered.

The Minister said that there will be fresh focus on these areas but also use a strategy of connecting communities which already have transmission lines but not connected to electricity.

“We have already made the list of the areas which only need to be connected and those with transmission lines will be given the first priority,” Gatete said.

He revealed that the 944km of the electricity lines in eastern province will start getting connected next year January, and other areas where there they share the same problem, by July 2020.


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