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Not Time for Panic: Understanding Prime Minister’s Instructions

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
11:52 pm

As media, we are publishing instructions regarding the battle against coronavirus covid-19 from the Prime Minister’s office, the Ministry of health and other relevant institutions as they come.

They are many, and they all come with different restrictions, which, to some extent carry negative impacts on the lives of people that they directly affect and the whole community at large.

While we cannot avoid communicating these measures to the general public as a responsible media channel, it serves to note that the measures meant to curb the spread of Covid-19 before it leaves severe damages.

The rationel behind the measures, is to make sure that it does not leave severe effects, keeping in mind that in countries with a huge number of cases, they ended up where they are today because at first, officials took the matter lightly.

With already 17 cases in Rwanda, It is clear, the country cannot adopt the same behavior and sit back and the earlier the fight, the quicker the victory and the return to the normalcy.

Luckily enough, the country did not ban the essential things that keep our lives going.

Food shops will continue to operate, pharmacies and health facilities will remain open and so will banks.

To put it in a much better way, we may not expect to win a battle if we cannot adopt prevention measures for sometime.

A genuine fight cannot go without a cost.

And by the way, here is good news; No new Covid-19 case was registered in Rwanda today.

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