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 Butera Knowless Outs A Gospel Song Amid COVID-19 Lockdown

by Andrew Shyaka
11:45 pm

Songbird Knowless Butera finally drops a song ever since the lockdown kicked off and the new audio talks about how one can pray to God to be blessed with a humanity heart.

The new song is dubbed Nyigisha literally meaning “teach me” and it’s on Knowles’ six studio album.

While premiering the song, Knowless said, the song somehow talks about her personal life especially towards her kid.

 “The song is a prayer asking God to grant anyone on earth including myself, my kids, friends and family with kind heart. Because this world and the situation we are facing currently needs nothing but humanity,” says Butera.

Nyigisha song came following another gospel “Blessed” which has been rocking local airwaves due to its message. Lately music fans have been wondering why, the once Love songs oriented artist channeled into gospel.

 “I always get inspired by people around me, things I face through everyday life and current affairs globally,” she said.

The new song was produced by his husband and manager Clement Karake Ishimwe.

Knowless is famous for paving the way to young girls with music talent.