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Go Digital to Survive – Muyoboke to Local Artists

by Andrew Shyaka
8:29 am

Alex Muyoboke

Renowned artist manager Alex Muyoboke has recently told KT Press that he is very much concerned about social media claims making rounds that some musicians cannot put food on the table during this Covid-19 lockdown.

Most hit, he said, are those that solely depend on bar shows and concerts.

The ‘golden’ advice of the former manager of Meddy, The Ben, Tom Close, Dream Boyz, Social Mula, Urban Boyz and Charly Na Nina to the artists is to embrace use of Internet, learn how to make money out of it if they are to survive this lockdwon and stay relevant on the music scene.

“Leave alone rumors circulating on social media, I know for a fact some musicians are surviving narrowly. But if they pay good attention to internet and use it effectively, there is no doubt that they will overcome,” Alex Muyoboke told KT Press.

Muyoboke said that already some artists are fetching good money from internet because they got to know early the importance of technology.

The Internet has become the only way of reaching fans, clients and all those people that are central to one’s project.

The situation will remain that way until the end of the lockdown which was extended to April 30 from the April 19 deadline that was set earlier.