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Rwanda Confirms Three New Covid-19 Cases, 7 Recoveries

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
10:52 pm

A chat showing the situation of COVID-19 in Rwanda since the First case was confirmed – March 14,2020

Rwanda is registering more recoveries of COVID-19 patients. On Sunday, 7 more patients recovered, but the number of new cases keeps increasing, too.

The cumulative number of the cases was on Sunday reviewed to 147 after confirming 3 new cases that were identified among 722 tests.

So far, 76 patients recovered, which brings the number of active cases to 71 people.

This means that the number of recovered people is bigger than the number of active cases, the first time since first case was confirmed – March 14.

Until the last contact of the last case is found negative, one would not predict the possible date of the victory over the pandemic which has so far affected 2,399,814 people and killed 164,935 worldwide.

Deaths in the United States of America have increased to 40,416, the biggest in the world.

Rwanda has not registered any fatality and the Ministry of Health says that “all active cases are in isolation in stable condition and one patient is receiving oxygen therapy as a precaution.”

The government reminds the general public to keep vigilance and avoid unnecessary movements and other risky behaviours that would expose them to infection.

This coming week, more than 20 companies will start to produce massively the protective face masks as the Ministry of Health recommends their use by anyone going out and anyone who is exposed in their compounds-for example, compounds with so many families renting.

COVID-19 lockdown that was meant to be lifted tonight was extended up to April 30.

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