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Sponsored: The Tool In Need, COVID-19 Self-evaluation and Reference System

by StarTimes
2:15 pm

Recently, a new popularity on social media has been witnessed: the COVID-19 Self-evaluation and Reference System launched by StarTimes on their OTT platform StarTimes ON.

According to the company (StarTimes), the system aims for contributing to the war in Africa against COVID-19 with lessening the risk of cross-infection and medical system pressure. The system makes users able to get to know their body status and possibility of infection at home, thus to release their unnecessary stress.

Once the access to the system opened to public, it became a hit especially on social media immediately. The most frequently appeared comment includes: innovative, helpful, necessary, well-designed, timely, informative. People tend to make the self-evaluation a normal habit to protect themselves and their families, and recommend the system to friends and followers as a tool in need.



β€œIt’s time to apply more science against the pandemic. The Self-evaluation and reference system is a small step toward creating a Healthy Environment. We believe that every Healthy Behaviour can lead to a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mindset,” says Deng Sanming, StarTimes CEO.


StarTimes is the leading digital TV operator in Africa, serving 30 million users with a signal covering the whole continent and a massive distribution network of 170+ brand halls and 30,000+ distributors in 37 countries. StarTimes owns a featured content platform, with 480 authorized channels consisting of news, movies, series, sports, entertainment, children’s programs, etc. The company’s vision is “To ensure that every African family can access, afford, watch and share the beauty of digital TV”.