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I Want to Regain Broken Trust – Gisa Cy’Inganzo

by Andrew Shyaka
11:41 am

GIsa cy’Inganzo

Struggling Afrobeat singer James Gisa alias Gisa Cy’Ingazo says that he is using lots of energy to get back on the music scene, but it’s still a rough journey since he needs to regain trust from fans.

Gisa was once a bright upcoming artist with strong vocals but he lost it all when he drew his life into abusing drugs which saw him serving one and half year sentence in prison.

He was released early 2019 and since then, he has tried to release some records but they didn’t pick up as he anticipated.

 “I am a disciplined person, focused and trying every possible way to win the trust of people I disappointed during my time of abusing drugs. I have recorded some songs which I am planning to release soon but I am facing hard times to regain my position in the community as an artist,” Gisa confessed.

Gisa Cy’Inganzo was introduced on the music scene in 2010 straight from the church and due to his strong vocal abilities established artists started fighting for him to feature in their music projects.

 It was a good start for him but little did he know that the vice killing the industry ‘Drugs’ was waiting for him meters away.

After achieving quick fame from songs like Ikosora featuring rapper Jay Polly, Gisa started taking narcotics which made him a customary guest in prison cells.

Currently, he is working on a new album which has songs spreading the evils of using drugs and how to avoid them.

Gisa has songs like Genda Ubabwire, Isengesho, Ndamurembuza and many more featuring fellow artists like Diplomate, Kida Gaju and Social Mula under his belt.