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Music Gave Me Everything I Have Today – Mighty Popo

by Andrew Shyaka
1:44 pm

Mighty Popo in KT Radio Studio

Veteran music star Mighty Popo confessed that music gave him everything he owns today including paying school dues for his children up to university.

The music trainer disclosed the information live at KT Radio while responding to a question raised by a listener asking if music can really earn a long-lasting living to an artiste.

Music plays like any profession when done skillfully with the discipline of course, he told KT Press.

“Music gave me life, connections, a good house and it paid for my children’s education. My  first born recently graduated from university. Yes, it can earn a living if it’s done professionally with great sense of discipline because without discipline, talent only can’t earn you a living,” says Mighty Popo.

He added that many young talented musicians have disappeared from the music arena because of being disruptive. 

According to Popo, if an artiste does one song and starts abusing drugs instead of being creative in the studio, fans lose interest in their products.

He said that Musicians who defied the odds and are a living testimony that music pays include Tom Close, King James, Riderman, Knowless Butera and Dream Boyz.

All the above artists have their own mansions, flashy rides, business, all from music earnings.

Mighty Popo real names Jacques Muligande recently bounced back on music scene with a new song dubbed “Rwagasabo”. The song is blended from fusion of Inanga and reggae beats.

The singer also promised virtual shows, Europe tour if corona pandemic slows down and he will be releasing a song every 3 months, but the songs will be much into reggae mixed with traditional Gakondo beats to give the world a Rwandan touch of traditional music.

According to Mighty Popo, African history, rhymes, poetry and traditional music has been a source of his inspiration while writing songs since when he was 11 years old.