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Sponsored: Cafe Camellia Partners with Bifata Ltd Tech Startup to Speedup Food Deliveries 

12:44 pm

Cafe Camellia

On 27th May 2020, Cafe Camellia in partnership with a local tech startup named Bifata ltd officially launched a mobile application that comes to speed up food and beverage deliveries to homes and offices. 

Through an android application dubbed “cafe camellia”, residents of Kigali are now able to make orders of their preferred food and beverages from their offices or homes, and get instant deliveries within 40 minutes. 

“The app offers 227 unique varieties of food and beverage items that customers can choose from. We designed the app such that it offers an experience similar to what a customer gets when in a restaurant at exactly the same price. A customer hand picks each item and makes notes like, 1 spoon of sugar or less salt in the fish or more ketchup. The chef is then able to prepare a dish that is tailored to every customer’s needs.” explained Jovani Ntabgoba, founder of Bifata Ltd, the company that developed and maintains the operation of real time deliveries. 

“Launch of a food and beverage mobile application that is specific to cafe camellia will ensure that quality of service remains high. Transporters are specially trained to handle the food packages with utmost hygiene thus ensuring that Cafe Camellia’s clients receive similar services at their homes or offices, just as they would, if they visited any camellia outlet.”, explained the Senior Manager of Cafe Camellia, Gashumba Muhammed. 


Camellia wide variety of cuisines is available using their mobile application

Cafe Camellia, a renowned brand in Rwanda’s restaurant business is a group of 6 restaurant outlets across Kigali City. It is home to some of the finest dishes in Kigali. The chain offers a blend of beverages from numerous coffee types, fresh juices, smoothies to dishes that include buffets, burgers, sandwiches, fruits, salads, soups and pizzas. 

In a bid to adhere to the Government of Rwanda’s continued efforts to minimize gatherings of more people at restaurants and encouraging people to work from home whenever possible. The duo, Cafe Camellia and Bifata have provided a channel that links a person’s phone to cafe camellia’s kitchen. This will ensure that our customers who are unable to visit our premises are able to receive our services whenever they need them. 

“At Cafe Camellia, our core value is hinged on offering great taste and healthy meals in a cozy environment. We have spaced our restaurant tables. We also ensure that all our customers keep disinfecting themselves as they enter our premises. We have now partnered with a young and innovative local tech startup, Bifata Ltd to ensure efficient, fast and affordable deliveries to anywhere, where our clients will be in Kigali”, said the CEO of Cafe Camellia, Mr. Nshuti Khalid.

Cafe Camellia app, which is now available in Android Play Store, only requires a phone number, name and location, in order for it to ship food and beverage deliveries to its clients.