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“Yanga”, the Household Name in Dubbing Industry Turns Born Again Christian

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
2:04 pm

Nkusi Tom a.k.a ‘Yanga’ or Younger

He is now born again? that man who chopped my money? I am speechless, says a lover of movies and once diehard of Nkusi Tom a.k.a ‘Yanga’ or Younger.

The man, in his late thirties became famous since the early 2000s when he joined the entertainment industry, specifically dubbing.

Barely had his grand brother started this venture, he failed to sustain it and Yanga took it over, and ever since, he became the icon of dubbing industry in Rwanda such that no one could believe that he would ever get a competitor.

“When we grew up, my mother used to prevent us from going to cine, and I was always eager to understand this industry,” Yanga told Isimbi TV, a local channel.

It’s at majority age when he started working with his elder brother in the yet untapped opportunity of dubbing and later on, he took it up when the brother failed to proceed.

Many people went to those small houses in their neighborhood to watch the work of Yanga, which he was multiplying and distributing in rudimentary ways.

“I used to watch them from Remera Giporoso in a place called Corridor – Kwa Kadugara. You needed one coin of Rwf 100 for two hours. My God! every day after school, I had to make it to the venue,” said Yanga’s old diehard who has now grown up and is focusing on other entertainments.

The thing that attracted many to Yanga, was his slang, the street words that he was best at using coupled with a high sense of humor.

He is believably the man who created the greatest number of words the youth use in their light moments.

“When you watch Hollywood movies, you realize that what makes western society laugh is not necessarily the same that makes us -Rwandans – laugh. In my dubbing, I always had that in mind; to find something that will amuse my local audience,” said Yanga.

Yanga was successful, but after doing this business for nearly 15 years in 2013, he could no longer be heard in dubbing.

After earning good money from dubbing, he moved to something else, and it was only recently that it got to the media attention that another unfortunate thing happened to him, which obliged him to make a u-turn in life.

His story the public did not know much about, is that Yanga confesses to have miraculously survived cancer.

“It started as a simple stomachache and the doctor would prescribe the medicine in that regard which, for several times, yielded no results,” Yanga said.

It’s until the time when he went to checkup in South Africa when he was informed, that he had cancer.
” I tried several options, several hospitals, in vain. As days went by, my situation worsened and doctors themselves became anxious,” Yanga said.

The man reached a point where he said: ” Let me pray. I think it is the only option that I am remained with.”

He got contacts of famous pastors in South Africa to help him in prayer and later on, he had an idea to go to Nigeria to find a specific pastor from whom he expected to get the help that would turn around his life.

He first fled to Rwanda in January this year and while preparing to board to Nigeria, “I heard a vision where I was told not to go to Nigeria because I could get a solution across the border-in Uganda.”

He obeyed.

“Once in Uganda, a pastor just touched me and said: You are healed, go in peace,” Yanga said.

At first, Yanga did not want to believe the pastor, the reason why he returned to his South African doctor for check-up.

To his surprise, he said, the doctor confirmed that I did not have cancer anymore. It took him time to believe in the circumstances of my healing.

Yanga confesses that he was never the same ever since.

“Forget about dubbing. My focus is preaching the name of God who healed me,” he said.

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