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UNMISS Pays Tribute to Rwanda’s COVID-19 Victim Mbabazi

by Jean de la Croix Tabaro
12:38 pm

Unaisi Bolatoly Vuniwaga

The Head of Mission of the police force in South Sudan Peace Keeping mission(UNMISS) has sent a message of condolence to Rwandans at large and the family of late Police Constable Mbabazi Enid who succumbed to COVID-19 on June 2 after contracting the virus while on mission.

The message of Unaisi Bolatoly Vuniwaga said that they were sadneded by the death of Mbabazi 24, at her early age.

“I very much regret the death of Mababazi Enid who was one of Rwandan contingents  in the UN Peacekeeping mission in Malakal, South Sudan,” she said.

She specified that Mababazi was on mission with her 240 colleagues until May 24 when she fell sick and was first treated in the host country and transferred to the home country – Rwanda later on.

UNMISS peacekeepers from Rwanda, both military and UNPOL, during a crowd dispersal training exercise in Malakal, May 27 – Mbabazi was not with them. She was already admitted

Mababazi tested COVID-19 positive which cost her life on June 2nd at King Faisal Hospital.

“I am very thankful for the role Mbabazi played in protecting civilians and restoring sustainable peace in South Sudan since the start of her mission in December 2019,” said the head of mission.

On behalf of all police heads of  UNMISS mission, she comforted the family and of friends of Mbabazi for the loss of a valuable person that is Mbabazi.

“We will miss her. May she Rest In Eternal Peace.”


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