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KOMMTRACE Tag: Here Comes an Innovative, Cost Effective Technology In COVID-19 Contact Tracing

by KT Press Reporter
3:05 pm

Karanvir Singh KOMMLABS, CEO

Kommlabs, an ICT solutions company has brought an innovative, cost effective and reliable technology in the fight against COVID-19, a pandemic that has deepened the world into a crisis since the begining of this year, KOMMTRACE Tag.

KOMMRACE Tag was presented to the public on November 19 in Kigali, by Kommlabs’ and Transform Africa’s officials, giving Rwanda an opportunity to look into possibility to seek to use the solution before any African country.

With the size of an ID, KOMMTACE Tag is a form of card, which is more like a badge, that can be comfortably worn around the neck. The tag does not need to be switched ON or OFF or charged, making it very easy to use by citizens of all ages. Just like a mask, the Tag is easily visible and this helps ensure compliance to the benefit of the whole society.

Each KOMMTRACE Tag possesses an anonymous and unique ID and does not store any personal or location information whatsoever. When two tags come in close contact, they store each others’ anonymous IDs.

There should be no fear of security while wearing KOMMTRACE Tag because access of its data is exclusively limited to competent persons.

The data can only be downloaded by physically accessing the Tag by an authorized Government representative, only when a person has tested positive for COVID-19. The data downloaded from the tag is then used to inform those who may have been in close contact to watch symptoms, self-isolate,or come in for testing.

Countries leading COVID-19 fighting like Singapore and New Zealand have conducted in-depth research and have found that a wearable device is a preferable solution. Both countries intend to distribute the tags to their entire population and their citizens have praised the solution for being convenient, not invasive, and hassle-free.

Karanvir Singh KOMMLABS CEO(L) and  Lacina Koné, Director General of Transform Africa after signing a memorandum of understanding on November 19

A pilot project in Africa will make this solution bullet-proofed to local realities.

“KOMMTRACE has two advantages over other Tags/wearable for contact tracing. A battery life(without charging) of three years and an enhanced level of privacy,” said Karanvir Sing, CEO Kommlabs.

Kommlabs has leveraged 25 years of experience in providing large scale solutions to Governments to come up with a Patent Pending solution against COVID-19.

“We have seen countries spending significant financial resources on testing, but often with a test positivity rate of less than 5%. It is clear that money can be saved by testing the right people through accurate contact tracing.

As the entire world is looking for all means possible to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that KOMMTRACE is an invaluable asset, that will allow countries to safely re-open, and contain the virus by rapidly identifying the right people for testing. This will reduce the burden on the healthcare system, while allowing our populations to go back to living and working,” said Kone, DG Smart Africa.

To learn more about KOMMTRACE, please visit www.kommtrace.com.

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